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A Simple Guide to Protecting and Advancing Your Career During Coronavirus

Everyone’s career is at hold right now. Although countries are slowly starting to alleviate the restrictions, there’s no clear end date for the COVID-19 pandemic. Working from home during a recession requires a new approach to career development.

Want to know more about ways of improving your career during the lockdown and after? You’re not the only one. Many of us have found our jobs at risk because of the pandemic. It’s not easy to live in constant fear of getting laid off. But don’t worry. There are still things you can do to advance your career during the lockdown. Or maybe even choose a new one. A career change can be the best thing that’s happened to you. But first, let’s look at some of the best practices to keep your current job. And then we’ll get into choosing a new path for you. Sounds good? Let’s dive in.

Become Irreplaceable

If you have a nice corporate career developing and you’re happy with this career option, then one of the best ways to keep your position is to become irreplaceable. What are we talking about? It’s simple. Let’s say that you are pretty good at your job. And that can be enough to impress your boss during ordinary times. But when the crisis forces your boss to conduct layoffs, you need to become more than pretty good. Aim at solving problems fast and efficiently. Aim at bringing the most value possible. Try to do more than you were asked for, even if it means spending more time on the task. The hard work will pay off as you become irreplaceable in the company.

But doing more work is not easy when you need to do it from home. Let’s look at one of the key tips for working at your house.

Being Nice Always Goes a Long Way

You probably know already that being kind can work wonders in your interactions. This is even more true when working from home. Something ambitious like a corporate finance career just isn’t easy to manage with an attention-seeking kid or a barking dog nearby. And while you should set up some rules about keeping quiet in the house during your working hours, it’s often easier said than done. When interacting with colleagues, that’s why they try to be extra understanding when they need more time than usual. It could be that their child can be pulling their blouse. Try to stay patient and laugh it off.

If all the effort seems to be not enough to keep your job, you might want to join the numerous career switchers and choose a new path. Here are some of the best practices for that.

Switching the Career

One of the most popular career topics these days is picking a new one. The economy is in recession, and it’s better to get prepared for the worse. The good news is that there are lots of ways of getting through a tough period. The Internet offers you many opportunities to acquire new skills through online courses. Pick something you think you’d be naturally good at, and the learning will be quick and easy.

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Networking is the best way to find new job opportunities. But it’s difficult to do when all the gatherings and even simple meetups at restaurants are impossible to arrange. How do you network from your home? Here’s how it goes:

Networking Without Leaving the House

These are the best ways to network in 2020 through your computer: 


There’s no way around it anymore. LinkedIn is here to stay, and its importance in networking is only growing. You can find all the key players in your industry here, and the best part is that you can easily connect with them. Make sure your profile is up to date and shows you from the best possible side. Add experience, skills, and a proper title to demonstrate your readiness for new opportunities.

Online Forums

Taking part in discussions in groups is a great way to display your expertise on the given subject. You can benefit from people sharing their resources and giving information on new job openings. Maybe you’ve started to enjoy working from home? Online forums are the perfect places to find jobs you can do from home. Look for an area that sparks your interest and join the discussions.

And once you’ve landed an interview at one of the work from home online jobs, it’s time to get ready for it. Social distancing requires a new approach.

How to Handle an Online Interview?

The best way to come off as competent and confident is to start with practicing. Record yourself and make adjustments to your body language if needed.

The next step is obvious: get prepared. If it makes you feel more relaxed, write down some of the key skills that can bring to your desired role. There’s nothing wrong with glancing at that paper every once in a while during the interview. You can also go through a list of common behavioral questions to better handle the interview.”

And lastly, try to be as professional as possible. Wear the clothes you would normally wear for a job interview. And make sure the background of your video looks tidy and clean.


COVID-19 pandemic has caused disruptions all over the world. Most of us have been forced to work from our homes with the possibility of getting laid off any day. This stressful situation can be viewed as an opportunity and a motivator to get better at your skills. If losing your job seems imminent, though, it’s smart to start browsing the national careers service for a new job. Explore your options and use the practices outlined in this article to have the best chances of landing your dream job. Good luck!

What did you think of our guide to protect and advance your career during the coronavirus pandemic? Did we give you enough ideas to feel more positive about your future? Leave comments below, and we’d love to hear about your career-experiences. Your opinion is important to us!

Author’s Bio:   Thomas Glare is an experienced career coach. He helps people identify their best abilities and motivations to mold the best plan for their careers. He believes in getting achievements that also add to a person’s sense of fulfillment. Thomas loves writing blog articles about career choices. He hopes the articles can alleviate fears caused by the crisis. 

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