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A Thorough Review Of Shopify Pricing – Is It Expensive?

Do you want to get your business online at an affordable price? Well, let’s talk about the facts! We all want to get a great deal and want to pay as low as we can. After all, every dollar counts. However, when the deal is about something that can skyrocket your business then the price is just one of many major factors.

It goes without saying that this is one of the major factors as well.

Therefore, here we are with a review of the Shopify pricing and judgment of it being cheap or expensive. Let us begin with:

Shopify pricing plans

The Shopify pricing is categorized into three plans stated below:

The basic plan – This one costs $29 per month and charges 30 cents in addition to 2.9% of the transaction.

The main plan – This one charges $79 per month and charges 2.6% and 30 cents of the transaction.

The advance plan – This one asks for $299 per month and transaction charges are 2.4% and 30 cents.

Based on the above facts, it is agreeable that Shopify is not the cheapest alternative but there’s a reason for it being popular among the other e-commerce website builders. After all, quality is a matter of concern too.

How much can you save if you go yearly?

The monthly plan means that you need to pay a fixed amount each month. This means that if you want to no longer manage your website then you can just stop paying and the store will be paused automatically.

However, if you plan to stay longer and are committed to not quit early then a yearly plan is the best for you since you will be able to save 10% to 20% on the pricing.

Therefore, from the savings point of view, the longer plans are the best bill. However, the monthly plans are known for their flexibility. Moreover, the Shopify’s annual report stated that people prefer monthly plan moreover the annual one.

The three major plans explained

Here’s a detailed review of the three plans which are stated above for an even more detailed comparison:

Basic Plan

This one is ideal for starting a small business and for the people who want to take their existing business online. This works best when you don’t need a big inventory and requires small e-commerce functionalities.

However, if you sell a lot of items or sell expensive items then the transaction fee will unnecessarily eat up your profit.

Main plan

If you wish to grow your business even more then this robust plan is just for you. This plan provides numerous stats and features such as reporting data and gift card features. If you have a site that makes around $5000 each month then this plan will fit you the best.

Advance plan

A business ranging between medium and large scale is always in the opportunity to grow more. With this plan, you will be fully prepared for ten times bigger growth. It has numerous advanced features such as stellar shipping, lower transaction fees, and various other reporting features as well.

This is the ideal plan for any company that makes around $10,000 a month and is planning to grow even more. However, it is agreeable that this plan costs a lot but the features, lower fees, and other features will make it easy for the business to recover the investment within a month.

Here are some other savings that you do along with this plan:

  • This plan has decreased the credit card rate which means you will be able to save on transactions made with credit cards.
  • This plan has lowered the transaction fees that give you an opportunity to save more on each transaction.
  • This plan has abandoned the cart recovery feature which is proven to help you get a higher profit with your business.

So these were the three major plans on which the Shopify Pricing is based. We hope you have already found the one that fits you the best. If not, then keep reading.

What is Shopify Plus and Lite?

These are even smaller plans that cost a lot lesser than the above-mentioned plans. However, they have their own set of limitations as well. Let us find out more about them:

Shopify lite – This plan does not let you make a store but provides you the ability to integrate Shopify with an existing store or to sell your products through facebook.

Shopify plus – This is an enterprise-level plan which is made just for the big businesses. You will get numerous powerful features like a website hosting that claims to never get crashed due to enormous traffic.

Bottom Line

Whether the Shopify pricing is affordable for you or not, you can’t deny it is the best for e-commerce website building. However, the thing which is affordable since it’s free is the webshop builder by LiquidBlox. Therefore, check it out as well.

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