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Demand for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Developers in 2017

During the era of 2012, AEM was primarily used by Digital Marketing Experts for promoting Advertisement business. Gradually the focus shifted as Adobe obtained Adobe campaign and begin uniting Target, Analytics, Campaign all into one cloud solution. This perfectly complemented the content delivery essentials of all retail and ecommerce brands. Presently, almost every consumer specific website is on AEM.

What does AEM do?

AEM is used for creating and distributing content across mobile and web channels. Adobe Experience Manager software tool, is only going to get better and better in the years to come. Some of its use cases include:

  • AEM automatically alters content and features on various sites and landing pages based on the data presented.
  • It eliminates countless hours needed to spend on UX Design and user research.

It governs you to consolidate and publish your content, either on web or mobile, all from the similar dashboard.

Need for AEM

Nowadays, the Fortune companies as well as other enterprises are in a desire of making their content look effective and engaging. To accomplish it, every organization is looking for a tool that is aimed at seamless content across all locations and languages with minimum downtime, just with a click of go. Hence, they are aiming at changing better by getting associated with AEM, as it is the ideal tool for the purpose.

AEM Skills

AEM is a different beast in specialization, all together.

People with AEM skills are in high demand as they perform a variety of roles with a variety of skill sets. The underlying skills of the AEM platform converge with standard IT skills like Java, Sling, OSGI etc. And when these skill sets are brought together and AEM Experience is added, then something much more valuable is created. There is a massive demand for this skill set, but companies are facing shortage of relevant candidates.

Need for AEM Developers

Recently, many big companies have switched from contemporary platforms viz. WordPress and Drupal to Adobe AEM/CQ. But the biggest issue is that the current developers are lacking the experience needed to implement an AEM system for accomplishing their business objectives.

AEM is such a compound tool, that even if it is made 10 times easier, it is still difficult to get it right. It involves more to do than coding.

Hence, the demand for efficient AEM developers is raging. They must be well aware of best practices of industry needs and how it integrates properly with various Marketing Cloud components to truly optimize the system.

It makes sense when an AEM specialist is employed for recruiting an AEM Developer. After spending 6 figures for acquiring a license on AEM, companies want to make sure that they hire the right people, to maximize their productivity in the world of digital marketing.

Hence, talented and experienced Adobe CQ (AEM) developers are enjoying high priority in the industry.


AEM Roles and Priorities

As AEM is an expensive and complicated implementation, Adobe recommends enterprises to allocate enough resources for the long term administration of AEM.

Over the last few months, AEM Developers are experiencing increased demand for permanent hires. Currently there are thousands of full-time AEM employees in the United States and the number of candidates looking for AEM work in the market are rapidly increasing nationwide.

Enterprises are filling AEM based role in a timely manner with top talent. End users are hiring and paying these candidates a lot of money. Some MNC’S are even sponsoring a visa, with the AEM candidate pool being 85% H1B holders.

Employees are no less, and are looking forward What other value can a company provide above and beyond just pay?. It is certain that Candidates have been considering other factors beyond pay that makes the job appealing.

AEM PayScale

AEM sees outstanding potential for all tiers of web hosting and its professionals are emerging to be highly rewarding as it has very less real competitors presently.

money-money-money-12416341Over the years, many managers have analyzed that the skills needed, and associated with an AEM Developer is same as a Java or a front-end developer, and thus should be paid same.

The average AEM Developer salary in the UK is £38,558 per year. Entry-level positions start at £27,000 while most experienced workers earn up to £54,000.

The average salary in Australia is roughly around $33,800 per year. Entry level positions start at $24,000 while most experienced workers make up to $47,000.

  • Distribution of vacant Cq5 Developers by regions in India

As you can see in the diagram, India has most numerous number of vacancies of Cq5 Developer Job with the top being Bangalore, Karnataka.

  • Salary of Cq5 Developer in big cities, India

Cq5 Developer is getting highly paid in Hyderabad. Next stands Bangalore preceded by Pune.

Renovations in AEM

  • Adobe really is focusing its team to push AEM and its allied cloud services into retail stores.
  • AEM has been touch equipped too, enabling brands to author contents through any device just with a single touch.
  • Fortune companies using AEM are also purchasing other pieces of the Adobe Marketing Cloud to create a simple ecosystem with Cloud marketing capabilities.

AEM Testimonial

let-us-talk-11668961AEM Developers who have been working in the field since 2012 make it a clear point for the upcoming developers that AEM is a huge buzz and is not going to fade soon.

The numerous clients associated with AEM are from various backgrounds, and the tool acts as a mandatory medium, not just an interface for reaching out consumers and updating them about their Brand.


Adobe AEM is emerging rapidly and is most likely to grow top in forthcoming years. At least for next 5-10 years, AEM will be in excessive demand. With each release, Adobe is working hard to make AEM development easier, and therefore the demand for pure AEM developers is raging. Get Adobe Experience Manager training to get hands on experience and land in good job.

It is worth noticing that Sweden, Australia and India experiencing a rise in AEM Developers in the market.

AEM is here to stay as long as Adobe backs it up well.

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