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All About Hubspot Inbound Marketing Methodology

Whether you’re in the world of Digital Marketing or have some fellow marketers, I’m sure you’ve heard about HubSpot.

The word has caught your attention and you have been curious to know what it is, but you have not given yourself the task of sitting down to Google it.

Do not worry, in this post we will tell you what HubSpot Inbound Marketing Methodology is all about since it is a topic that lately has gained more fame than normal.

Many consider it the solution to their online sales techniques, a platform that is a miracle that really manages to attract your buyer person like a magnet.

Before we talk to you about the Hubspot inbound marketing methodology, we need to know what it is…

To begin, I will say that it is a methodology to attract customers that combines non-invasive strategies and generates interesting content for the buyer, providing value in the different phases of the purchase process.

Whether you work for another company or if you have your own, inbound marketing will help you advance your professional career, improve your strategies to attract potential customers and, as a consequence, boost your company or the company where you work.

Everything an online Marketing entrepreneur, as well as those who already have a consolidated business, has dreamed of attracting their target with a resource that offers “all in one”. Sounds like something really wonderful, right?

Well, without further ado, I will answer the following questions: what is HubSpot? What are its benefits? Who created this miracle of Digital Marketing?

Read on if you are interested in the innovations of the Digital Marketing world or want to be more successful in your business.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is “an Inbound Marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors; convert them into leads and finally customers.”

That is, you could see it as a tool that will not only help you attract visitors but will make them stay using the Hubspot Inbound Marketing methodology. What is this? We’ll explain below

What is Inbound Marketing?

To understand the concept of inbound marketing we recommend you to make a “reset” on what you have learned so far in terms of advertising.

This is not intended to reduce your knowledge of how to reach the consumer, but to get rid of the traditional way of doing it.

Inbound marketing is a business marketing approach that is based on the generation of relevant content for the target audience to which we are directed in order to become a customer but considering its context as the main factor of our success.

It applies mainly to online environments, although it also has its application in the offline field.

According to the Hubspot portal, Inbound Marketing is “a strategy that is based on attracting customers with useful and relevant content, adding value at each stage of the buyer’s journey.”

Inbound Marketing is a strategy that uses many forms of improvised marketing (content marketing, blogs, events, SEO, social networks and more) to create brand awareness and attract new business. In contrast to outbound marketing, where marketers try to find customers, inbound marketing catches customers’ attention and makes the company easy to find.

There are many benefits to implementing this methodology, among them are:

  • Help increase traffic conversions to lead and lead to a sale.
  • Bring companies and brands closer to your potential customers.
  • Improve SEO positioning
  • Marketing and sales automation.

Inbound Marketing provides a solution to this need in which different digital marketing tactics and channels are combined to be able to connect with the buyer people and accompany them from the first time they visit the website until they decide to become a customer.


Inbound Marketing methodology helps brands attract, convert, close and captivate potential customers through a wide variety of digital channels such as social networks, blogs, lead nurturing, lead scoring, analytics, etc.

This is divided into 4 very important phases, in each of these stages you have to use tools and strategies, although some of them may be useful in other phases. But before talking about the phases we must meet our Buyer Persona, who is our ideal clients. The buyer people are a semi-fictional representation of our ideal clients from a more human than rational or numerical perspective. It helps us to analyze your objectives, your challenges, your objections as well as personal information.


Companies want to attract customers who are interested in their products or services. You must create good content with great value and quality in which you explain what you do and what the company sells. In the attraction phase, all actions carried out must have the objective of achieving the ideal traffic based on what they sell.

All this is achieved through Blogs, Social Media, SEM, SEO, Mobile Marketing and Video Marketing.


When you have already achieved the attraction phase and have a good amount of visitors on your website, it is time to turn them into prospects, you can obtain data or information through a contact form, they should become a sales opportunity. To obtain this information it is necessary to offer something in return to the customer, be it an eBook or an offer, technical articles, informative pages.

To attract them can be done through CTA (calls to action), landing pages, and contact forms. With the information of each contact, you can form your database with great information that will help you create better strategies.


Once you have turned visitors into leads, the third step is to transform them into customers through interaction in social networks and be in contact with them through email. The interactions will let you know which ones are closest to becoming customers and have a series of strategies ready. The way to do it is through lead nurturing campaigns, with the qualification of leads, which aims to catalog the database based on their interaction with the customer.


The conversions made with quality and value for each client will make your customers happy promoters of your brand. Turn them into consumers and not only will they buy you once, but they will fall in love with your brand. They will promote you on all their social networks, making your visibility increase considerably. Some of the tools that should be used to build loyalty are social networks, smart content, events, and email.

Metrics and KPI’s must also be defined to verify that everything is being done correctly.

Now that you have a lot of information about your client, you can continue to nurture it with personalized information, using quality content to have a great experience and be a satisfied customer.

Start your Hubspot inbound marketing methodology today!

How is Inbound Marketing Linked to Web Design?

When we think of a digital marketing strategy, we imagine our viralized content offers on social networks, positioned in search engines using SEO, and present in relevant ways through AdWords….

For traditional marketing, our target audience clicked and accessed our website.

  • But that is only the beginning
  • What happens after they enter?
  • There is no second chance to make a good first impression.

HubSpot Web Design

For a company like HubSpot, which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange, whose software and management model – Inbound Marketing – is used by more than 15,000 companies. They are a great reference in Inbound Marketing. Why not? Imagine your website reaches 8 million visits per month.

What Links Inbound Marketing with Web Design?

If Inbound Marketing focuses the content on people, the web design focuses on the use of those people.

Inbound Marketing and web design both are data-driven to naturally attract the customer.

We consider it “an objective, goal-oriented, adaptable, informed and deep-thinking way of designing any aspect of a system and its experience.”

Who makes the final decision is not the designer or his team – it is the end-user.

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