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Amazing SaaS Startup Growth Strategies You Shouldn’t Miss

Creating a new small business can be a very intimidating and scary process. The main thing you need to start a successful business is a good idea. If you are proficient in developing software, creating programs for businesses is a great idea.

For years, business owners have used software as a service (SaaS) providers to create and maintain their software. Last year, spending on SaaS increased by nearly 80 percent.

As the owner of a new SaaS business, you need to be prepared to deal with the vast amount of competition in this industry. The following are some SaaS growth strategies you need to think about using when trying to gain ground with new customers.

Offering Free Trials is a Must

Some newcomers to the world of SaaS fail to realize how powerful free trials can be for potential customers. Whether you are marketing products to entrepreneurs, construction companies or business brokers, free trials can help you sell more subscriptions. Most business owners want to try out a particular software program before they invest money. Ignoring the need for free trials can lead to the inability to attract new customers.

If you are looking for a way to make more money off of your existing customers, offer them a free trial of the premium version of your product. Most SaaS providers multiple tiers they offer to consumers. Premium versions of a software program usually offer more features and versatility. Giving existing customers a taste of what your premium version offers may be the motivation they need to pay more for your product.

Investing in Content Marketing is a Wise Move

Modern consumers do a lot of online research before using a particular product or piece of software. Your main goal should be making information about your software easy to find. The best way to accomplish this goal is by investing in content marketing. Developing blogs, videos and press releases detailing what your software programs are and how they can benefit business owners/individuals is a great idea.

Having a website that is both fast and full of useful information is vital when trying to create a competitive edge. If you don’t have the time or the skill needed to develop this content on your own, hiring a marketing company to help out is crucial. These professionals will be able to create content that is both engaging and current. Before hiring a company to help with this type of marketing, be sure to find out more about other clients they have.

Offer Rewards For Referrals

One of the best ways to create more leads for your SaaS company is customer referrals. Providing current customers with some motivation can help you increase the number of referrals you receive. This is why providing customers who give referrals discounts and free merchandise is a great idea. Before you make these offers, take the time to iron out the details of how they will be handed out. Rolling out a referral program without all of the details in place can lead to lots of confusion and wasted resources.

Email Marketing Can Be Helpful

Once you get visitors to your website, you need to work on getting their email addresses. The best way to do this is by putting contact forms on each page on your website and offering a discount in exchange for this information. Once you have a long list of email addresses, you need to start sending out emails about the products you offer. Most people enjoy receiving these emails, which means there is a good chance you can sell some subscriptions.

Being Persistent Pays Off

Finding the right growth strategy for your SaaS business will take time. Instead of throwing in the towel when faced with a setback, you need to be persistent and stay the course.

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