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Android users can now have a PC in their Pocket

Now every dual core Android user can have a PC in their pocket!

“In every dual-core phone, there’s a PC trying to get out.”

The full PC desktop for multi-core Android phones

Now multi-core Android phones can be PCs too. Ubuntu for Android enables high-end Android handsets to run Ubuntu, the world’s favourite free PC desktop operating system. So users get the Android they know on the move, but when they connect their phone to a monitor, mouse and keyboard, it becomes a PC.

Easy to integrate to your Android phone

Ubuntu for Android provides a full desktop experience, including office software, web browsing, email and media applications, on Android phones docked to a screen and keyboard. Thanks to tight integration with the Android service layer, the transition between the two environments is seamless, making it easy to access the phone’s services from the desktop when docked.

Ubuntu for Android drops in cleanly alongside the rest of Android, so it is easy to integrate into current production roadmaps. The hardware requirements are straightforward and, with a broad range of ARM and x86 hardware supported, it can realistically be added to phones already in development.

Of course, your phone needs the docking capability and hardware support for HDMI and USB. But that’s standard for high-end models in the current generation of devices in development.



  • Unified contacts
    Both Ubuntu and Android access the same mobile address book. So even when the phone is docked, you can view, edit, call, text or email a contact. You can even check their profiles on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Calendar coordination
    As with your contacts, your Android calendar data is shared with Ubuntu. This enables synchronisation with any desktop or web-based calendar application, like Google Calendar.
  • Messaging and calls
    Read and reply to incoming SMS messages from the desktop, using Ubuntu’s message indicator. You can also make and receive calls via the desktop – and you’ll be alerted to voicemails so you can manage them while you work.
  • Simple integrated settings
    Alarm clock settings on the phone can be synchronised to alert you when working in the Ubuntu environment. You’ll have one place to enter wifi passwords and one place to pair your bluetooth headset, then everything just works.
  • Photos
    Manage and view photos stored on your smartphone using the Ubuntu Gallery application. Then edit them on the Ubuntu desktop and save them back to the phone. Create, edit and consume, all on one device.
  • Social networking services
    All your Android social network account credentials are synchronised seamlessly, using the Ubuntu social networking client to provide easy access to your online communities.

Benefits for network operators

  • Deliver the enterprise next-gen desktop in a single device
  • Drive adoption of 4G handsets, as online apps like Google Docs shine with low-latency connections
  • Expand your service portfolio from the smart phone to the smart desktop by delivering productivity desktop apps, including managed Windows apps as a service on your network
  • Satisfy demand for first PCs to families in emerging economies with no legacy wired connectivity

Benefits for handset makers

  • Drive sales of multi-core phones with faster CPUs, more cores, more RAM and high-end graphics
  • Target lucrative markets for thin client in the enterprise and first PCs in emerging markets
  • Integrate easily with Android phones already in development
  • Accessorise with docks, cables, keyboards and displays

 What about Android Users who want to have Android on their PC?

Bluestacks App Player bluestacks-app-player.com is a balanced software that allows its users to run various Android apps and games on their PCs. Started several years ago as an alternative way of using apps for smartphones, it evolved into a fully functional root Android emulator with an incredibly versatile set of tools for both experienced users and newbies. The latest version of this program is a freeware that can work on both Windows and iOS.

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