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Sunday , 26 March 2017
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Antivirus Software Comparison

2015 update: Check out Avast (2015 top voted AV software), complete with mobile AV tools

Antivirus software prevents, detects, disarms and removes infectious and harmful viruses and other malicious programs from your computer. When choosing antivirus software, decide which options are important to you.

  • Features: Some antivirus software offers several advanced features, like game mode, but if you’re not an avid online gamer, you will only need basic features.
  • Protection: The level of protection depends on individual needs. A parent may need parental controls and web protection to safeguard a child’s computer use.
  • Updates: If you do not update antivirus software regularly, it may not be prepared to prevent new viruses. Look for software with automatic updates to keep your computer secure.

Many of us have experienced “the blue screen of death” when a computer unexpectedly dies. Oftentimes, malfunction occurs when a virus infects our computer. With 166 antivirus software to choose from, this site can help find the best one for you. Visit Antivirus Software Comparison for a nice, detailed comparison chart on available Antivirus Software Comparison.

AVG Premium Security 2014

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