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Attack Discovery Software for Telecom Companies

Ever wonder what secures 4G and 5G mobile networks from attacks? The mobile network around the world is growing, and digital threats are more common than ever.

Positive Technologies has performed audits of SS7 website signaling networks since 2014 and continues to secure next-generation 4G and 5G networks with their PT Telecom Security Assessment. The service helps telecom companies to stay safe from DoS attacks, fraud, ensure compliance and protect’s user’s data.

The assessment audits and security software also help to ensure a secure connected world in an age where everyone and every device is connected.

Positive Technologies research has found that 4G and 5G infrastructures are also subject to the same attacks as older SS7-based networks. These vulnerabilities affect critical signaling protocols (Diametre, GTP) and network configuration errors which make a way in for attackers seeking to steal or spy on subscriber data and location, makes users vulnerable to identity theft or DoS attacks.

Telecom Attack Discovery

PT Telecom offers an attack discovery solution that provides security monitoring, real-time detection of malicious activity, and protection of the network perimeter.  The product is designed to warn the company if someone is hacking their cellular network.  Telecom operators admins are empowered with rich analytics and reporting capabilities enabling  them to respond to threats as they occur.

PT Telecom Attack Discovery offers a powerful signaling intrusion detection system with business intelligence (BI) module turning security monitoring and signaling traffic analysis into an easy to read report.

Security experts at PT Telecom work 24/7 to keep their security database up to date to identify all forms of malicious activity, including:

  • Intercepting calls and SMS
  • Protecting subscribers from location tracking
  • Fraud prevention, including manipulation of USSD codes to transfer money and billing system manipulation to make free calls
  • Stopping DoS attacks targeting subscribers or network segments
  • Protection from sensitive data leakage


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