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Friday , 24 February 2017
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5 Things Chat Bots Tell Us about Mobility and Mobile Computing

Have you ever been involved in an online chat session and thought something isn’t quite right? It would seem as though you are chatting with a real, live human being, but the responses you get from the other side of the screen do not seem as fluid and engaging as they ought to be. Well, perhaps you are not really ... Read More »

What if your Camera Security System Itself is Not Secured?

Though a camera security system is installed to pare down the risk of burglaries and protect family and business assets from criminals. Home automation, alarm systems, Wi-Fi home surveillance systems are the powerful technologies that apart from protecting our possessions, also raising the standard of living. Auto-activation of the alarm system when someone tries to march into your home, automatic ... Read More »

Can Playing Chess Make you a Better Computer Programmer?

Programming is a computer language of data structures, algorithms and efficient strategy.  It’s an ongoing mind exercise, motivating the developer to always strive for perfection, else, one little mistake, and their work may not compile.  As such, chess is a game of strategy and competitiveness, and for competitive programmers, it can be a useful mind and strategy exercise for brain ... Read More »

How to Split PDF Files

Analyzing data was always very important in predicting future events and helping businesses prepare and adapt for the upcoming opportunities, and avoid potential hardships as much as possible. But with the exponential growth of digital technology, it is now more than ever detrimental not to disregard the advantages that big data has on modern work. Just to put it in ... Read More »

5 new innovations to help teachers engage students from within the classroom

Advances in the IT industry have completely revolutionized that the way people interact and learn. Sadly, the education system needs to improve. Some institutions still adhere to the old-fashioned learning model, and they refuse to adapt because they see technology a distraction. Rather than limit innovation, teachers can put smart gadgets to good use. E-learning can change the way a ... Read More »

Security Jobs In IT: Reasons why very few people are willing to fill it

Cybersecurity, the protection of online systems and documents is well on its way to having a crisis.  There are currently more jobs available than there are qualified people to fill them.  Research and general opinion both agree that this issue is likely to become steadily worse over the next few years. One of the clearest signs of the impending issue ... Read More »

Stop Malware Attacks and Online Identity Theft

Malware means a malicious or intrusive software application that is coded for executing on the targeted device without notifying its user or the owner. Affecting a mobile phone, a computer, a laptop, or a network server, malware interrupts computing operations, hijacks networks, or access systems. This is mostly done to steal the identity of any authorized user, rob confidential data, ... Read More »

Stock Earnings Calendar

Your investment risk soars during earnings season, and so can your profits as well! Monitor companies on your watch list and lookout for earnings dates! You may be lucky to get in or out just before a stock reports earnings (or losses). Watch for earn… Read More »

Choosing the Best Stock Trading Platform or Developer

There are many financial trading and marketwatch platform products out there today.  But what should you look for in deciding what to use?  If you are a broker, how can you give your customer trust in your company and platform? The Trading Platform A trading platform is a piece of software that acts as a conduit for information between a ... Read More »

What does the X suffix mean in the new Ryzen AMD processors?

I’m sure more than one of you found it strange when looking at the model table for the new AMD’s Ryzen processors that the same processor are named one way or another similar with an “X” after its model number. You were not the only ones, but a Reddit user has dedicated to think about it and has concluded that ... Read More »

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