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Benefits of DAS Installation You Probably Need Right Now

In this digital era, communication has been made easier with various channels such as cellular phones, computers, email, and social networking sites. However, these communication channels would only be useful if you have constant quality data connection.

Because what’s the point with all these latest, technology-forward smartphones, tablets, and laptops when you can’t even send SMS, make calls, or browse the internet? What’s the use of these gadgets when your signal is poorer than poor, as if you’re living in a far-flung isolated island?

That’s when a Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) becomes a necessity. Basically, DAS is a technology that helps provide better cellular connectivity and signals in buildings where it is installed. So, who needs In Build DAS the most? Usually, larger buildings such as airports, shopping malls, hotels, universities, and stadiums would find installing DAS beneficial in amplifying signals within a building.

Also, even if you simply own a small business or a residential building but you struggle with cellular connectivity in your area, it’s about time you seriously think about installing DAS so you can make the most of your communication channels and technologies.

Improve Indoor and Outdoor Cellular Coverage

As its name implies, DAS makes use of a system of antennas to distribute cell signal within a building. Cell signal is usually stronger outdoors but may be poorer inside huge buildings. This is because some materials such as metal and concrete could block it. Thus, it can be more difficult to send SMS, make calls, or use the internet indoors. Read more about that here.

Nevertheless, DAS can capture and distribute the signal from outside of the building to the areas inside.

Cut Back Costs

Rather than using one high power antenna, DAS uses multiple low power ones. As a result, phones and other gadgets that make use of the signal consume low power as well while it is being transmitted to them. This enables you to save energy and increase battery life. Come to think of it: lower electricity bills. Isn’t that a wonderful step towards a more sustainable and eco-friendlier lifestyle? Definitely, it is!

If you’re using DAS in your home, lower electricity bills would mean that you’ll be able to put more money in your savings account or spend this extra money on other essential commodities. Meanwhile, the costs you’ve cut back from energy consumption in your business can be used as an additional fund for your capital or upgrade your office essentials. Check out other ways on how to decrease energy consumption in your business: https://www.business.qld.gov.au/running-business/energy-business/energy-saving/tips

Increase Company Productivity and Efficiency

Companies that need constant communication between executives, staff, and clients, poor connectivity is unacceptable. Everyone in the workplace should be able to make phone calls and send important emails wherever they are inside the building and within its vicinity. This is especially needed if you need to collaborate remotely about a project or check on its milestones and actual progress.

Many consumers nowadays don’t take up much time waiting for responses regarding their inquiries about a company’s products or services. They want fast replies. If you can’t provide it, other companies would gladly do so. With poor customer service, you’d surely lose prospective clients. After all, why would you work with people who doesn’t prioritize communication at the start?

Meanwhile, if you work from home, you know that a strong signal is the lifeblood of your career. If connectivity is a constant problem in the areas inside your home, investing in DAS installation would make your work much easier and faster.

Make Any Workplace and Huge Establishment Safer

Safety should be prioritized in larger buildings, especially hospitals, airports, schools, hotels, resorts, stadiums, shopping malls and many other workplaces. In case emergencies happen, rescuers such as firefighters should be able to communicate clearly and uninterrupted with each other over their radios. Thus, it would be wise to ask your provider to include a public safety component in your system that would improve the transmission of radio signals.

Get Better Reputation

If you own a big restaurant, resort, or hotel your customers would surely demand a fast Wi-fi connection in every nook and cranny of your property. It’s also one of the criteria they look into when rating your business and writing a review about it. So, by using DAS, your business can get better reputation.

Installing DAS is a good investment since great and fast communication is highly required nowadays, especially for businesses. With DAS, you get better connectivity while cutting back on energy consumption. How cool is that!

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