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Best Colleges for Information Technology

The world of information technology is changing rapidly and if you want to get into the IT industry, you had better be one of the best. Although information technology colleges essentially teach the same thing, there are certain institutions which will give you a far better education and more practical exposure than others.

If you are looking to get into a career in tech, then you want a college that will give you the tools to be innovative. The best colleges for IT will ensure that you have the tools to come up with the next best thing. All you need is the right idea and they will help you achieve your goal to get that dream IT job with a good pay package.

Arizona State University Tempe

Arizona State University has had a good run and climbed the ranks in terms of innovation. This year, they are ranked as the number one university in the US for innovation. In preparing for a college admission interview, you have a good chance of being accepted, seeing that they have an 84% admission rate.

Their yearly tuition fees are a bit steep compared to other public universities. You could expect to pay around $10 877. However, you will walk away with a world-class qualification that will set you up for success.

Brigham Young University Idaho

Brigham Young University-Idaho is a private four-year university which is associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints. Their IT program is exceptional, but the strength of the university is its holistic focus.

Brigham is a highly spiritual university and their environment is set up so that students can grow in faith and education at the same time. They have a 95% admissions rate and tuition will only set you back $4 188 a year. Not bad if you take into account that you will receive an outstanding education.

Florida State University

In the state of Florida, there is no other university that can compare. They are officially the number one research university of the state and will provide you with the tools to innovate in the IT industry.

Their tuition fees come in at around $5 656 a year, but you had better come prepared to the admissions interview as they have a strict admission policy with a 49% admission rate.

With almost 50% rejection rate, you need to prepare for the admission in the best manner. Get your cover letter, application essay and assignments written by a professional writer at www.edubirdie.org. Given their reputation, you won’t have a problem finding a job if you can add a qualification form this institution to your resume.

California State University Fullerton

California State University-Fullerton is one of the top universities in the state and serves as a cultural and innovative hub. They offer 110 degree programs, of which 54 are undergraduate. However, their online Master’s degree in Information Technology is ranked second in the state and comes in at number 15 across the entire US.

This is one of the reasons why they are one of the best colleges for IT. They only have a 46% admissions rate, so they cater to only the best candidates who can come with their rigorous program. Their tuition fees will set you back $6 886 a year.

University of Florida

Not to be confused with Florida State University, this is an impressive institution none the less. The University of Florida prides itself as being a forward-thinking university. They challenge convention and look to what the future could look like and not how things are.

If you want to immerse yourself in an innovative environment, look no further. Across all their academic programs, the focus is the same, namely, how can we change the future for the better. Translate that ethos into the IT world and you create an environment for revolution.

California State University Long Beach

Being situated at the coast makes for one amazing university life. However, California State University-Long Beach offers more than just fun in the sun. Their academic programs rank among the best in the world.

Their learning environment is one of the most relaxed and is conducive to innovative thinking. However, don’t think that you are going to apply and get in. Their admission rate is only 28% which means that you can be counted as one of the best when you are accepted. $6 798 is what you will fork out for tuition, but is worth every penny.


Getting into the IT industry is not as easy as it used to be, seeing that every company is looking for someone who will be able to keep them ahead of the competition. If you have the right skills to make it in the IT industry, you need to pair it up with a top-class education.

Regardless of where you stay, if a career in tech is what you are after, then going to a university with an IT reputation will go a long way in paving the way for your future. Employers are aware of who produces the best candidates and will look out for your qualification and where you obtained it.

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