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Best iPhone Spy App For You

We believe that spying on someone is a negative activity. It is most of the time, but not always. Yes, there are certain ways in which you can use spying as a useful and advantageous activity. Spying basically means surveillance or monitoring someone. Parents can spy on their kids for their welfare.

Similarly, an employer needs to spy on hired employees and workers to ensure better productivity and safety of data. Therefore, a lot of defense units and software have been developed to monitor people for various significant reasons. These reasons are absolutely legit and they justify the activity of spying on someone. Yes, it is a fact that spying with a wrong intent is obviously illegal and morally, incorrect. You might have to face legal penalties for it.

But, if you have a good reason to support your spying act then it’s healthy which is why a lot of iPhone spy apps have been introduced in the market today. iPhone is said to be a very safe and highly protected device but if needed you can spy on your employees or kid’s iPhone, as well with the help of iPhone spy apps. Here’s a quick iPhone spy apps review that shall help you in finding and choosing the best spy app that will match your needs, perfectly.


FlexiSPY is one of the best spying services available to address the spying needs of the parents and employers in the marketplace. The app, incorporated in 2008, is proudly and efficiently serving its customer base since its inception.  Some features include:

  • Monitor all Android and iPhone digital and audio communications
  • Monitor everything that happens on a PC or Mac
  • More monitoring features than any other product
  • No Hassle Remote Installation Service
  • FREE Mobile Viewer App for Android and iPhone
  • Used for Parental Control and Employee Monitoring

For more information, check out this FlexiSPY Review


BlurSPY is a top-rated monitoring Android Spy App that allows parents, employers as well as spouses to track their target phones. It has a good number of features that make it easy for the users to monitor any iPhone of their choice. All the features are essential and work flawlessly.

Talking about features, BlurSPY offers the best and most optimized features. Top features include call tracking, checking messages, tracking locations, monitoring social media, hacking any instant messenger, using a screen recorder, keylogger, and password chaser as well as remote control options.

In terms of performance and functionality, the app is top-notch. It makes really easy for the users to track their target iPhones. The best thing about BlurSPY app is that it works in the background. That means the target person will not be able to detect the app. It is also very affordable and cheaper for all users.


It is basically a cross-platform phone and computer monitoring app. It empowers the end-user to track android cell phones, gadgets, and laptop desktop computer machines running with windows and MAC OS. Spy app for android cell phone offers a wide range of features allow the user to get ingress into the targeted devices to secretly monitor each and every single activity happens on it. Moreover, the computer monitoring app also empowers users with plenty of features that are capable of spying on windows and MAC laptop desktop devices with sheer power and accuracy.

The application has designed for employee monitoring and for digital parenting in particular. It means parents can set parental control on kids and teens android mobile phones, gadgets, windows, and MAC PCs. However, the employer can use it to protect the business secrets from unauthorized access and further stay updated about employee’s activities with a complete time stamp. In addition, it can be used for data backup software to protect business secrets.

Once the end-users have installed the cell phone and computer monitoring app on the target device of children or employees, you can monitor and also control the targeted devices via an online control panel convincingly.

The end-user can keep a hidden eye on children’s cell phone calls, text messages, shared multimedia, browsing activities, GPS location, and remotely get to know the activities. On the other hand, employers can make a check ion their employee’s activities within the working hours and get to know about their performance. All it is possible with TheOneSpy cell phone & PC monitoring software. it empowers users to monitor target device activities in real-time.


It is one of the most accurate and trustworthy spy apps available in the market in today’s times. The app offers a variety of features and is ideal for most requirements. You can check important data such as text messages, Whatsapp, history of the browsers, messages, call log, contacts, calendar, apps, videos, and photos, etc. It doesn’t require to jailbreak your device to provide you with information, plus, you don’t have to install additional apps for getting more data. The app is easy to use and install.

Mobile Spy

This app is a necessity in today’s times if you have kids who do not leave their phones even for a single minute. The app prevents your child from looking for certain keywords on phones. It is highly innovative and exclusively designed to protect your information from the reach of your kids.  You can set your own keywords for the software to detect searches on it. You can even view the SMS and call records. You can restrict the areas for your kids to visit on the phones and they try to trespass it, you’ll simply receive a notification.


This application enables you to keep a check on all the other apps that you can install for spying on someone. It enables you to keep a track of video calls done on Viber and Skype. You can easily know the person’s exact location and can check their live movements. You can spy over their call and SMS records as well as on their web use. This app is compatible with iOS as well as on Androids.

We hope this shortlist of the best spy apps available can help you achieve your goals with little difficulty.

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