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How to Find the Best Keyword for your Website

Having trouble deciding what keywords to use and what is and is not effective in gaining traffic for your website? Here are some free and paid tools that will make your SEO life much easier!  Have anymore tools you would like to recommend?  Please leave in our comment section below.

Free keyword research tools

Here are some recommended free tools to help you select what keywords to use for your website.

Optimizing for Google?  What better tool to use than their own keyword planning tool. Google Keyword Planner Tool helps you plan your Search Network campaigns and learn about what your customers are looking for.

Wordtracker reveals high-performing keywords, shows you what people are searching for, gives you numerous suggestions for keyword phrases, and computes how much competition you are up against for the terms you select.

Ubersuggest uses Google Suggest and other suggest services. You can instantly pull thousands of keyword ideas from real user queries as well as vertical results for images, news, shopping, video, and recipes.

Keyword Eye helps you simplify your keyword research. This tool displays keywords in increasing or decreasing sizes based on their search volume or AdWords competition.  You get 10 free keyword searches per day, with 100 results delivered per report.  You also receive great data about your competitors.

WordStream Keyword Tool has a huge database and enables you to customize searches by filtering adult keywords or and pulling niche results. It also offers options for identifying negative keywords, keyword grouping, and finding keyword niches.  The top 100 keywords are available for free.

Paid keyword research tools

Everyone knows the saying, “You get what you pay for…”.  Well, the same applies to keyword research tools.  These tools do all the research work for you, so it’s important to consider paying for that analysis and research.

SEMrush is also free to an extent, but you’ll want to use more than their free version.  SEMrush is one of our favorite tools and gives a plethora of information on your website and your competitor, from auditing site errors to reporting your effective keywords and what works and what doesn’t for your website.  SEMrush helps you discover yours and your competitor’s organic and paid keywords in search.  You can search by your competitor’s domain or search for competitors using specific keywords.  You can see volumes, trends, and other data across various properties. You can also enter your or your competitor’s site to see the top organic keywords for which it ranks and what volume each keyword can pull.

MOZ retrieves top rankings for any keyword and assigns that keyword a difficulty score based on the pages that currently rank for that keyword.   You can view search volume data for your keywords and pull up the SERP to see the top results for each term.  Competitive keyword analysis metrics show you where you can have the upper hand on your competitor.

KeywordSpy tracks all search advertising activity in any niche industry, giving you information on marketing analytics, SEO intelligence, competitor’s keywords and ads, and more.

Advanced Web Ranking offers a keyword research tool that pulls data from Google AdWords, Google Webmaster API, Google Trends, Google Suggest, 7Search, SEMRush, Wordtracker, and Yahoo API Related Keyword Search in one place, helping you to identify what keywords are effective and to help you find your competitors’ best keywords.

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