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Best Places You Can Read Free Books Online

The dream of every book lover is to read without paying much and the best thing will be if the books are free to read. Every book lover spends way too much money on buying new books. If you are a reading enthusiast then it doesn’t matter how much money you spent on books but reading a book for free is a great thing. So instead of blowing the monthly budget on purchasing books we can save lots of money and get the books for free.

In this digital world, physical books are also becoming digital. So instead of going to the bookstore, we can purchase and read the books online on our mobile devices. Reading books online on our mobile devices will save you from carrying books and another important thing is that you can carry any number of books with you.  You can also read the books you love anywhere you want.

If we have to read books online then we have to purchase the books, however, there are different sources that will help you to read your favorite book online for free.

Top Places to Read Books Online

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is one of the best places to find free books online. It is a simple website that will help you to search for your favorite book easily. Project Gutenberg is a source of over 60000 online books that are free. In Project Gutenberg you will find online books in different languages also it contains audiobooks that we can listen for free. This online source contains books in 16 different languages and some books are also available in more than 30 languages. You will find eBooks in different formats and for different devices. You can also find eBooks with and without images. Also, we can download eBooks also.

Amazon.com/ Kindle Store

Kindle is an e-reading device designed and marketed by Amazon. Amazon has a massive collection of eBooks that can be downloaded for free. There is a Kindle app that is available for Windows PC, Mac, and mobile devices that can be used to read eBooks when you do not have a Kindle device. Kindle is a great reading device that allows users to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, magazines, newspapers, and other digital media via wireless networking from the Kindle Store.

Many books that are found on Kindle can also be found on Project Gutenberg. Kindle stores contain both free and paid eBooks. Users can read free eBooks; also from time to time, many paid eBooks are available for free.

Read In Short

Read in Short, is a great online platform that will help you to read, discover & learn about the books. This website provides a comprehensive summary of bestselling books. This will help the users to read the book in a shorter time and get to its main plot easily. Read in Short also provide reviews, on different subjects like academic, biographies, fiction, Sex, Relationships, Technology, Literature, and many more.

Read in Short provides a great way to gain new information and knowledge.


LibriVox is not an eBook reading source, but it provides users the option of listening to the Books. Books are narrated by real people and LibriVox provides them for free. Librivox is a non-profit, non-commercial, and ad-free project. It is a great project that offers users a free place to listen to eBooks for free.

Librivox is a project run by volunteers and will take the help of volunteers around the world. Librivox has a great collection of children’s books, short stories, non-fiction, and general fiction.

Open Library

Open Library is a free source of eBooks which means you can read free books online. As the name suggests you can read books online for free on this website. It is an open documentation website that helps users to read eBooks for free online.  Open Library contains many eBooks that users can read, and borrow. Users can also donate books and money as it is an open-source project. It is a great source of online eBooks.


Scribd was launched in 2013 and it is a great way to read books online for free. It has a great collection of documents, eBooks, academic papers, comics, and sheet music.  It is an open-source platform that will provide you free books to read online. On this website, users can share and send documents of different kinds. This website provides a 30 days trial after which you can have a monthly subscription option.


Reading books is a great way to gain knowledge. However, books are very expensive and we cannot take as many books as we like while traveling. But in this digital age, we can take as many books as we like while traveling as they are in the form of eBooks. eBooks are not free on many platforms but there are some platforms where you can read free books online. We have listed some of the online platforms that will provide you free books to read online.

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