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Best SEO Tools 2023, 2024 Used by Experts

The best SEO Tools in 2023, 2024 as used by experts are easy to find.  In this article, we have listed the best SEO tools for you so you don’t need to search one by one.

We are not saying you need to use all these tools. A tool can only be perfect if it works perfectly with the user. It would take time and effort to master SEO but as time goes on, you would understand how it goes and become a better professional.

List of Trusted SEO Tools

SEO Keyword Tool: Ahrefs

One of the most trusted SEO tools online is Ahrefs. It comes next to Google. This tool helps you recognize the changes you need to apply to make your website get better for a higher SEO ranking.

With this tool, you can also check the rank of your competitors. In this way, you would know where and how to start your own brand.

Top SEO Tool: Search Console by Google

If you want to manage your website’s standing in Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page), Search Console by Google will work best for you. This free tool allows you to monitor what gets indexed and the manner by which your website is seen with this account. You just need to add some code to your website to verify it. You can also use Google Analytics to submit your sitemap for indexing.

Marketing SEO Tools: SEMRush

In the SEO field, everybody should be familiar with SEMRush. This tool contains the well-known Domain vs Domain feature which compares your website to other websites.

It gives you a view of how your website and competitor websites look like in terms of search data, traffic, domains, and keywords. This also has the On-Page SEO checker that can give you some advice on how to enhance the performance of your website for a good ranking.

SEO Keyword Tool: KWFinder

For long-tail keywords with a lower level of competition, then KWFfinder is the tool to use. It works by looking for the perfect keywords and running analysis reports on SERP and backlinks.

Their special tool, the Rank Tracker, aids in learning how your website ranks and the same time determine your areas of improvement. As a bonus, they also give many keyword suggestions so you would get an even higher ranking.

SEO Softwares: Moz

Experts trust Moz because it is very up to date regardless of Google Algorithm’s updates from time to time. Many of them are also happy with their chat portal which is very responsive whenever they need help.

You can also have Moz Bar toolbar download free of charge. This tool provides you an insight into your store’s metrics while checking on any page.


Uberuggest is a tool used for identifying keywords and as well as the search intent behind them by listing the high ranking SERPs. It may be a short or a long-phrase, but it will give you a lot of t suitable words to use on your website.

This tool also gives you an idea about competition, seasonal trends, CPC, and keyword volume. Lastly, this tool can tell you how competitive a keyword is and if it is worthy of targeting.

Answer The Public

With SEO, you don’t really need to spend all the time. Some tools are free like Answer the Public. This tool is used to write content based on certain keywords to have a higher rank online.

For example, you are at the park. So you can use this theme to words like picnic, benches, tables, trees, and many more.


With SpyFus, it is easy for you to see the frequency of how a keyword gets searched every month. It also tells how difficult to rank a keyword is. You can also get an idea of the keywords used by your competitors.

Another good feature is that you can check your own website and other websites and have an idea of the number of original keywords they use, their paid and original competitors, the number of clicks they get, and the ads created on Google Adwords.


Search engine ranking is essential for every modern marketer – especially if you’re pursuing an SEO strategy to put your page in front of potential customers.We’ve tried all the Google rank checkers, and all came up lacking. None offered what we needed: a single screen with a comprehensive, customizable view of keyword performance. It’s free. You don’t even have to log in. Go ahead and try it.


With Woorank, you can find out what keywords your competitors target so you can overshadow them. This tool can tell duplicate content, downtime, and security problems and how to solve them.


Majestic, according to SEO professionals, is one of the best marketing tools. It offers a number of tools and two of them are listed below:

The Majestic Million

This tool will give you an insight of millions of websites based on their ranking. You can find out whether your website got included on the list.

Site Explorer

If you want to know if you have any backlinks, Site Explorer is there to help you. You can also have a general view of your website. It’s like looking on a map from the top view.

If you want to find the best keywords to rank and at the same time compare your site to others, then this tool is also good for you.

Google Trends

Google Trends is not only good in providing you with information about a keyword, but it also gives you a good perspective of the trends regarding the topic. You can also search for keywords in every country and learn about the trend of queries and interests.


SEOQuake is a Chrome extension which serves as an SEO Checker tool that does on-page site audits. It also checks both the internal and external links in the same way that it checks how your site competes with other sites.

This good tool also performs keyword analysis in terms of keyword density. It is an easy to understand dashboard. Lastly, it helps in the easy download and data sending to important people in your team.


With Siteliner, you can avoid duplicate content. It’s the same as the rules on plagiarism, if there is duplicate content, you can be penalized for that. Good thing there is Siteliner that can show you any broken links, duplicate content, and average size and speed.

Fat Rank

You can optimize your online store with this Chrome extension. Fat Rank helps you analyze the performance of your website by telling you the ranking of your keywords. For each keyword you want to optimize, you can find the ranking of the keywords used in it. You need to see your rank among the top 100 otherwise, it means you are not ranking for the perfect keywords so you should change it.


So we have listed the 14 best SEO Tools that will help you pave your way towards your SEO business success. With these tools and a lot of determination, you can achieve the SEO goal. You just need to find out what among them suits and works best for you.

We hope that in this article, you now know where to start or what areas you think you can work on. SEO is such a very interesting topic that we would like to hear your thoughts and experiences about it.

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