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Tuesday , 4 August 2015
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Building A Secure #WiFi Network For Your Business #wireless #security

Many businesses utilize their own Wi-Fi hotspots. However, the rise of internet crime has resulted in a need for these wireless networks to be more secure than ever, with national compliance standards and violation fines that could cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars. In our Wi-Fi infographic, we provide details on the growth of internet crime, along with the requirements, penalties and precautions associated with establishing and securing your own Wi-Fi network.

Building A Secure Wifi Network For Your Business Infographic

Infographic authored by goWiFi, a provider of managed WiFi solutions. To view the original
post, check out the original Wi-Fi infographic.
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  1. Today is a lot of internet crime.

  2. i was also a victim of cyber-crime

  3. reffi avrilliani n

    How do you hack a wireless network? That is the topic I would like to read about.

  4. Excellent article, it’s amazing how many business owners neglect this aspect of the network.

  5. Good video and graphic, but we’ll never be safe :)

  6. Great info. Wireless can have so many vulnerabilities if not setup correctly.

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