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Why your business needs a secure instant messenger

Instant messenger communication is the latest mode of communication that is being used by many businesses. It is a current trade in business communication and it is now more popular than ever in the business world. There are several software’s on instant messenger and business people must research and make a choice on the right instant messenger for their business.

When it comes to making choices, it is important to know that the most popular choice is not always the best choice. This calls for the need to carry out in-depth research in order to understand one’s circumstances and hence make the best choice. The best way to decide on the right instant messenger for you is by looking at the features of each and every instant messenger software.  Whichever instant messenger you decide to use, be sure to ensure it is secure. Security of your information is of absolute importance and here is why. Secure instant messenger ensures that your messages cannot be accessed by unauthorized people such as hackers. There are plenty of hackers trying to acquire information illegally.

Here are some reasons why you need a secure instant messenger.

IP Address

During the login process into any instant messenger server, your ID address is used to identify you. Servers need this kind of data in order to allow you to communicate directly with your contact. If the server of your instant messenger software is not secure enough, it means that it can be bypassed by hackers who will get your IP details. These IP details could be used to hack into your personal computer to get more private and confidential data about you. When such information is in the wrong hands, the amount of damage it can cause is immense. In some instant messengers such as MSN and ICQ, people often do not know who they are talking to. If the server is not secure your contact too could spy on you as it will be easy for them to get your IP address.

Passwords and emails

Most instant messenger platforms require you to sign up using your email. When such information is availed to a less secure server, it could be intercepted and end up in the wrong hands. This is one of the ways that people end getting a lot of spam emails in their inboxes not to mention the other huge risks associated with your email being hacked. In other instances, your email is hacked into and used to send spam emails to every email in your list. Often times, such spam emails contain links to viruses. This can be very disappointing and embarrassing.


Most instant messengers have the ability to send files. This means that a corrupted file that contains a virus could be sent to you. This is made easy when the server is not secure enough. Malicious software


Using an instant messenger which has poor security could lead to strangers being able to access your conversations without your authority. While you may not be having top secret conversations, you have the right to privacy. This right is more likely to be violated if you use a less secure instant messenger.

There are lots of risks that come along with the modern technology. However, that does not mean that we cannot use the technology efficiently. What we need are strong measures to curb cyber security and other information related crimes. Most countries have stepped in and enacted strict laws to prevent cybercrimes and enhance professionalism in the field of information technology. There is lots of hope that programmers will come up with stronger and more secure servers to enhance the experience of consumers in instant messenger platforms.

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