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Business Success: A Sneak Peek of Online & Offline Presence

It is reported that 80% of all business in the United States fail within the first year and half of opening. The business that manages to survive the first year and a half, have to try and become the 10% that survive the first five years.

With staggering statistics like these, it’s in the best interest of businesses to explore as many different ways of doing business to stay successful as possible. Establishing an effective marketing strategy that includes both an online and offline presence is critical to success in today’s business climate.

Effective Online Strategies

Verisign an online digital marketing and research company that specializes in online resources for businesses reported 84 percent of consumers view an online presence as giving a business credibility. The same study discovered 65 percent of consumers reported having a unique business branded email, instead of a generic one from Gmail, outlook etc. gave the consumer for confidence in the credibility of the company.

In a nutshell what this study discovered is businesses really need to invest resources developing a website, it’s becoming more and more of a necessity than a convenience for the success of any business. The same study found 83 percent of businesses that have an online presence gave them a competitive advantage over those businesses without a website or online presence. Take help of companies to strategize and optimize your business campaign. You can learn and adapt your way to building an online presence.

Having an effective online presence gives a business the opportunity to build relationships with their consumers, by allowing potential and existing customers the opportunity related to the businesses. Most websites have an about us or leadership pages that give background information on the company and the company’s goals and mission, which can lead a sense of relatability between the customer and the business.

Online presence also gives business the opportunity of listing services and products in a much more cost-effective way. Printed marketing materials can be very costly, and they don’t offer the flexibility of online marketing. It’s critical to know how to effective list your products and services in a nice neat user-friendly manner. It is very important to make buying your products and services as easy as possible.

An online presence generally allows businesses to inform, engage and convert customers and potential customers to do business with your company. Websites allow businesses to learn about the needs of their audience and discover what they want or what problems your business can solve for them. An effective online presence can automate the sales process and help push consumers through the sales cycle.

Websites allow business to expand much more efficiently to new areas and time zones. Your website is accessible by consumers after hours and in areas, your physical store is not.

Content Marketing Strategy

May it be a traditional way of banners and leaflets or a modern way of infographics; the importance of content marketing has never been a failure in boosting business. Keeping your customers glued to your services & product pages can certainly boost your sales. This can be achieved if you can magnetize to attract customers in a great visual way.  For instance, health care industry educates the readers visually to have a greater impact than just by filling the content with lines. Whether your business is a retail store or a manufacturing unit, visual elements in content marketing can lure your readers to a greater extent.

Social Media Strategy

There is a huge market opportunity to boost your brand using social media. Create a compelling social media presence so you can increase your business’s visibility. You’ll then use your social media platforms for your marketing campaigns. Over 68% of millennial business owners rely on social media to promote their brands than any other medium. Building a consumer following on social media can seem like a daunting task initially, however, when you build momentum, the process becomes much easier over time.

Great Customer Service

Customer service is one of the great business-boosting tips. When you get it right, you will ensure that the existing customers will stay happy by getting their products from you. You should make the customers feel valued and appreciated. The best way is by providing and showcasing solutions to what customer’s demand are. For instance, if you look at Ford, the product page of a newly launched SUV portrays latest technologies that their target customers are looking for. This helps to attract visitors and can easily add value to brand.

Effective Offline Strategies

It is very important to have an effective online presence with the ubiquitous presence of smartphones, tablets and other portable online tools. However, the success of businesses is still heavily dependent on traditional ways of effective marketing offline. Small business owners should explore ways to speak at events related to their business or the needs of their client base. Adding value through speaking engagements allows business owners to potentially acquire new customers.

While online marketing is gaining more popularity and gives business more flexibility, printed publications are still an effective marketing strategy. Printed publications that are targeted towards your specific targeted audience can be extremely effective. There are many affordable printed publication options available for business owners to explore.

Snail Mailing Campaigns

Traditional snail mailing campaigns can still be an effective marketing strategy because it is a rarity these days. Snail mail is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd of email only marketing. Also, snail mail has an advantage over emails because emails can be easily discarded or deleted without the opportunity to even be opened.

Cold Calling

Cold calling is still yet another way to improve your offline presence. Cold calling, when done correctly is an opportunity to discover new customers and potential new business partners. Cold calling presents the opportunity of initiating the contact to new customers, which generally is in the best interest of business and the consumer.

Partnership with Other Business

Partnership with other business is another way of making offline presence sometimes you need other businesses for the services you lack because you cannot have it all. You should, therefore, strive to create good business partnerships with the other businesses.

Tradeshow Participation

Tradeshows is another offline strategy, which can prove to be very effective in generating new business. Tradeshows present the opportunity to study your competition and refine your sales pitch and marketing strategies.

In conclusion, having an effective online presence in conjunction with a traditional offline presence is critical to the success of any business. By following the outlined suggestions can prove to be critical to the success of your business.

Also remembering to invest in an effective work environment for your employees and implementing comprehensive cybersecurity strategy will greatly increase the odds of your business not failing.

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