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Businesses looking for ways to harness text power

Personalized group text messages are emerging as a new way for businesses to communicate effectively across relationship groups. Texting Base, Inc. has emerged as the technology leader in the B2B and B2C Mobile Messaging space.


The world of communication has dramatically evolved over the last decade or so, with more business people preferring instant, concise and succinct messages. The busy lifestyle that most business people now lead has made it extremely challenging for them to stay on top of lengthy email or extensive voice mail communications. As a result, personalized group text messaging has carved a niche within this new paradigm.

Unlike traditional “form” or “template” text messages though, research shows that today’s recipients are also far more likely to respond positively to a personalized communication than a “Dear all…” type of text. And that’s where tools such as Texting Base are helping to revolutionize the face of today’s communication.


The almost ubiquitous use of smart phones and other mobile communication devices has made personalized group text communications so much easier today:

  • They are easy to construct
  • They are more powerful than “mass texts”
  • They are delivered quickly
  • They can be received anywhere, anytime
  • They can be reviewed immediately, even during transit and commutes
  • …and they can be responded to instantly

With all this going for texting, it’s no wonder that when entrepreneurs, marketers, sales people and business managers want to reach large groups of individuals quickly and effectively, they now do so using personalized group text messages.

As the power of traditional business communication methods such as email, dwindles, the importance of business texting is gaining momentum. With automated tools such as Texting Base, personalized group text messages can be:

  • Customized to address specific business relationships
  • Scheduled to be delivered as and when needed
  • Configured to communicate simultaneously with individuals, sub groups or an entire group of people
  • Used to enhance workforce productivity by liberating employees from dealing with repetitive texting
  • Managed in a way that minimizes disruptions to the senders work schedule
  • Targeted to maximize the effectiveness of a text message

With flexibility like this built into automated texting tools, business leaders don’t need to get behind a keyboard and compose lengthy text or email messages anymore!


The effectiveness of communication is not in how a message is constructed, but rather in how it is perceived by the recipient. Businesses are finding that personalized group text messages are a unique way of changing how today’s audiences receive and react to communications. Unlike emails, which most recipients often delete upon receipt, text messages have a 98% read rate.   So what does that mean for your business?

By dynamically changing the way you create and disseminate business text messages, you can not only infuse efficiencies into your workplace, but also improve the effectiveness of those text messages.  Texting Base is the right tool to help you unlock the power of receptive texting within your business.

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