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Catching Cheaters on Exams: Hi-Tech vs Traditional Methods

While not recommended, cheating to pass an exam is as old as the school itself. 21st century students use lentil-sized headphones, and hidden cameras in the glasses or the pen.

In this article, we will talk about both traditional as well as hi-tech methods to cheat in exams & tests.

Traditional Methods of Cheating on Exams

Bottle of Water

This is a very ingenious method that does not raise suspicions, where the answers are written on the inside of a bottle with water.

Use the Calculator

With the calculator you can copy text, as well as save some mathematical formulas, plus it can be used without any problem.

Small Notes

This is perhaps one of the most used methods that consist of writing small notes on a paper also of small size.

Use Invisible Ink

This invisible ink allows you to write the answers using a special pen that can only be seen with a special light.

Write Down Answers on the Desk

The student also makes notes on the desk to have the answers available at the time of the exam.

Write Down Answers on Arms and Thighs

This method requires a lot of skill not to be discovered by the teacher.

Signs with your Hands

Usually used in multiple choice exams, one student signals to another about the correct answer.

Know How to Copy

Here it refers to the fact that the teacher knows his students, so they must be copied without being totally perfect, because then it will be very obvious that they have been copied in the exam.

The eraser can also be used to make notes and pass it to another partner without raising any suspicions either.

Hi Tech Methods of Cheating on Exams

Wireless Earpiece or Cameras

Wireless earpiece or invisible camera for cheating exams or “casca de copiat” is technique requires a second accomplice, as well as this hands-free device where the exam answers will be received.

Smart Watches

In the last two or three years, the fashion gadget to copy in the exams has been the clock with text screen. They were effective because nobody could think that a watch could show a personalized text.

Its popularity has been so great that there are even websites that only sell smart watches.


GSM Box is one of the most advanced non-wired system for cheating on exams. This system is recommended to be used for major and demanding exams, where you are not allowed to bring a mobile phone in the exam room.


With a Little Help from your Friends and cell phone, you can easily cheat in a exam using SMS method.  SMSs are an old form of communication, however today we don’t use SMS feature as common as we use too few years ago.

The Most Basic Trick

A few weeks ago, Chinese television showed images of dozens of Chinese students arrested for using their phones to copy in the exams. They hid it in a pocket and extended the microphone with cables under their clothes.


Very personally I tell you that I have been caught looking at the exams of others but the good thing is that teachers just laugh or just tell me to turn around or change my seat, a recommendation I give you is to study a lot since it will serve you at the time of exam and life itself.

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