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Thursday , 23 March 2017
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Information Technology Blog provides you with information and links to computer tips, tricks, solutions, news and relevant information to IT related topics. Information Technology Blog provides you with information and links to computer tips, tricks, solutions, news and relevant information to IT related topics. We also feature a collection of blogs containing links to information technology related software, hardware, news, cool sites, news on gadgets, where to get them, search engine optimization, and more.

Why your business needs a secure instant messenger

Instant messenger communication is the latest mode of communication that is being used by many businesses. It is a current trade in business communication and it is now more popular than ever in the business world. There are several software’s on instant messenger and business people must research and make a choice on the right instant messenger for their business. When ... Read More »

Why You Need a VPN Today

Security is one of the primary concerns of internet users today. Hacking and data theft are among the worst fears of everyday people who work and play online. In addition to concerns over these threats, internet users are often plagued by too many targeted advertisements, restrictions, and bad connections. Virtual private networks, or VPNs, offer a solution to many of ... Read More »

Things to look for in a VOIP Business Provider

As Internet communication and service has evolved and become faster, cheaper, and reliable over the years, so have hosted services and technologies available today, like Voice over IP.  Here are some things to be look for and be aware of when choosing a VoIP provider. VoIP Technology Voice over IP is a method of delivering voice communications and multimedia over the ... Read More »

ID Card Maker

Need a professional and easy-to-use membership management and ID card software for your business or organization? With built in powerful multi-layer ID card designer, various templates and samples available, and more, ID Card Workshop enables you to create ID cards, employee badges, membership cards, loyalty cards, VIP cards, and more for your business.  With integrated membership management, webcam capture, and barcode support, you ... Read More »

Who is Calling Me?

Have caller ID and can’t always find a way to verify the person calling?  For years, cold calling and call spamming has been a common bad business practice for many companies.  They bombard businesses and consumers with unwanted phone calls, even though you are already on a do not call list. Here are some tips to help find out who ... Read More »

How LED Lights Save Money

LED lighting.  It’s the latest trend in lighting technology.  Not only is it brighter, it saves energy which equals to cost savings on your electric bill.  But how is it accomplished?  In the traditional home with incandescent bulbs, electric lighting burns up to 25% of the average home energy budget.  LED bulbs can help reduce that. Here is some information ... Read More »

Killer Apps For Encouraging Employee Engagement

Across all industries, the number of employees who are fully engaged in their work is surprisingly low. A poll conducted by Gallup recently estimated that up to 70 percent of workers don’t feel engaged by their jobs. Engaged employees are both more loyal and more productive — they work roughly 20 percent harder and are about 80% less likely to ... Read More »

How to Manage Your Surveillance Data

Your company has finally bought video surveillance software. Now what? How do you manage your surveillance data? The first thing is that you need to know what’s happening. The second thing you need to know is what to do about it. Your control room probably has a lot of data feeding into it from your video surveillance software. All of ... Read More »

Top 5 Internet Security Tips

Internet security has become a hot topic of debate today, and his really comes as little surprise given the large amounts of devastating malware attacks users are experiencing all around the globe. With the advancement of technology, so has the complexity and sophistication of malware grown to the point where people have needed to take drastic measures in order to ... Read More »

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