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Sunday , 23 July 2017
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Information Technology Blog provides you with information and links to computer tips, tricks, solutions, news and relevant information to IT related topics. Information Technology Blog provides you with information and links to computer tips, tricks, solutions, news and relevant information to IT related topics. We also feature a collection of blogs containing links to information technology related software, hardware, news, cool sites, news on gadgets, where to get them, search engine optimization, and more.

How CCTV is used for Criminal Investigations

Closed circuit television (CCTV) footage can be absolutely critical in the investigation of crimes, with footage caught on camera often proving to be a decisive piece of evidence. For the investigating officers, its a time-consuming process, but one that can be crucial to the conviction of perpetrators. Originally posted 2016-02-01 19:04:14. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Read More »

Technologies Changing the Future of Healthcare

The healthcare industry is moving at a rapid pace, going through massive technological changes, from digital networks to wearable products. Here are some health tech innovations that are changing the future. Medical Advice Online Ever heard of legal zoom?  How about something for those needing medical advice?  Sometimes, WebMD just wont cut it.  You need a customized answer, something specific ... Read More »

Ergonomics For Desk People: Tension On The Page, Not On Your Back

Most every person sitting at a desk feels like they’re not sitting properly at their desk, but most don’t do anything about it. However, if you don’t you risk causing permanent damage to your back. The changes you have to make aren’t that difficult though. Read on to find out how to save your back by making changes to the ... Read More »

Bionic Vision Right Around the Corner

A team of US and Finnish bioengineers have embedded an antenna, radio receiver, control circuitry, and LED into a wearable contact lens. The technology is currently being tested by rabbits, in their research lab at the University of Washington, Seattle.… Read More »

How to Remove Malware Tips

Virus Warning

Malware is an abbreviated term that stands for “malicious software.” This malicious software is designed for the purpose of gaining access to your computer and often damage a computer without the owner knowing. What is Malware? There are various types of malware. These can include: Spyware Keyloggers True viruses Worms or any type of malicious code that infiltrates a computer. ... Read More »

Super Useful Tools to Build Your Tech Reporter Contact List and Startup

Startups are now a common thing.  People are well connected via the Internet, and business is at everyone’s finger tips.  When starting a business however, there can be some costs associated, but there is an array of free, freemium, and low-cost services you can use to get started. Here are some good, great, and interesting examples. Building a list of ... Read More »

Software Update Checker

Personal Software Inspector

With Secuna Personal Software Inspector Secunia PSI is FREE! Secures your pc by patching applications, scans for Insecure and End-of-Life applications, tracks patch-performance week by week, provides easy access to security patches, and detecta over… Read More »

Why You Need a VPN Today

Security is one of the primary concerns of internet users today. Hacking and data theft are among the worst fears of everyday people who work and play online. In addition to concerns over these threats, internet users are often plagued by too many targeted advertisements, restrictions, and bad connections. Virtual private networks, or VPNs, offer a solution to many of ... Read More »

Secure Chat Conversations

Setup secure conversation with Cryptocat.  Cryptocat lets you instantly set up secure conversations. It's an open source encrypted, private alternative to other services such as Facebook chat. Messages are encrypted inside your own browser using A… Read More »

Thinking of a Six Figure Salary in IT? Think Devops.

Devops (development and operations) is defined as a phrase related to enterprise software development and is used to specify a kind of agile relationship between IT Operations and Development. The aim of devops is to improve and change the relationship by promoting better collaboration and communication between the two units of business. Need for Devops In an organization, silos should ... Read More »

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