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Tuesday , 25 April 2017
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Information Technology

5 Clever Marketing Tips and Ideas to Grow Your Business

The marketing world has never been in such a whirlwind of change as it is in today’s world. Everyday there are new marketing tips and tricks coming out in order to businesses to deal with the huge up rise of digital marketing and social media networks. And this can make you feel pretty nervous that you’re not keeping up with ... Read More »

How to Remove Malware Tips

Virus Warning

Malware is an abbreviated term that stands for “malicious software.” This malicious software is designed for the purpose of gaining access to your computer and often damage a computer without the owner knowing. What is Malware? There are various types of malware. These can include: Spyware Keyloggers True viruses Worms or any type of malicious code that infiltrates a computer. ... Read More »

How to Protect Yourself Against Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are one of the most common forms of cybercrime. While phishing is a widespread activity, it can be beaten. Apart from installing security software, a person can also combat this common scam by learning what it looks like. What is Phishing? Phishing (pronounced “fishing”) is a type of identity theft that has grown in popularity with hackers. They ... Read More »

How sms monitoring technology can secure your business?

Monitoring technology has become an integral part of a business. Given the positivity it brings through surveillance, companies are opting for monitoring tools and techniques to ensure better employee management. The basic need of an organization is to safeguard its workplace and protect its assets. Entrepreneurs are increasingly concerned about issues including employee misconduct, data security, lower productivity, wastage of ... Read More »

How to Avoid Email Scams

There are various email and online scams that have plagued our inboxes for many years.  Some emails try to get you to open a zip file, click a link to execute a virus, or open a back door to your computer.  Many others try to phish your sensitive information and many others are scams that target your bank account.  Many of these ... Read More »

How to Speed up your WordPress Website

WordPress is one of the widely used web building tools in the World. The ease and flexibility that it provides are unmatched and unrivaled by any other platform. WordPress as a content management system (CMS) is used by around 60% of the websites. Due to its ever growing features and benefits, it has become one of the most dominating web ... Read More »

What’s an Instagram Bot and How Does It Work?

Instagram is an innovative and unique social media network driven by visual content. Businesses use it for visual marketing because it’s extremely effective. The only problem some companies experience lies within having the time to put in the effort to make Instagram as productive as they want it to be for their business. That’s where automation, or Instagram bots come ... Read More »

The easy way to password protect & encrypt files in Windows

Data protection legislation requires everyone, including small businesses to encrypt customer information. The consequence of failing to do so are severe consequences for the company directors ranging from fines to jail time. However, given that barely a day goes passed without a new data leak horror story, and even giants like Yahoo, with their large IT infrastructure and countless IT ... Read More »

Tips And Tricks To Improve Your VPN Speed

If your VPN has become slower than usual, you may be able to improve its performance by trying the following proven tips and techniques. Check Your Internet Speed First of all, you should check your internet speed without a VPN. If it’s slower than usual, it means your VPN isn’t actually the problem.  If you don’t know how to check ... Read More »

Working Ergonomically Is Easier Than You Think

There’s a common misconception that going ergonomic means spending a ton of money on the latest and greatest office products while simultaneously memorizing dozens of posture tips you’ll never really use. This couldn’t be further than the truth. If you share this belief, we’re here to tell you that shifting to an ergonomic lifestyle is easier than you think. Starting ... Read More »

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