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Big Data/Analytics

What is a Data Catalog and Do you Need One?

By 2019, data and analytics organizations that provide agile, curated internal and external datasets for a range of content authors will realize twice the business benefits of those that do not. (Gartner  Report) Many organizations are still trying to understand the value of data catalog, metadata management, and cataloging.  As data unification and collaboration becomes critical to the success of …

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What is big data analytics and it’s impact on your organization?  

About eighty percent of the data in your enterprise is in a multi-structured format, and that means it’s not in a relational format and is hard to analyze.  Big data implies different analytics, different data structures, and diversity to the analytics that we need to deliver. Big data generates value from very large data sets that cannot be analyzed with traditional computing techniques.  Organized, it can help many …

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Future of Information Technology

As we stand at the brink of a new era, the future of Information Technology (IT) unfolds before our eyes. The rapid advancement of technology continues to reshape our world, and IT sits at the forefront of this transformative journey. Here, we explore the exciting possibilities and potential that lie ahead for information technology, offering a glimpse into the digital …

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 7 Ways AI Will Influence Conversational Marketing in the Future

Conversational marketing is the one that will create the marketing buzz. If you look deep, you will see that it is the most organic way to engage the customers for the better. It is simple; one can prefer to have the best engagement in the conversation than talk. In some cases, there are marketing limitations throughout the years, which is …

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How Businesses Can Use Social Media Properly

While we feel that it’s important to have some kind of presence in every social network for the purpose of piggybacking on websites with good rank and visibility, it’s recommended to focus on only a couple social networks where your target audience participates.  Unfortunately, companies are not focusing so much on gaining following this way and instead, are much all …

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How Can Data Observability Improve Banking Sector IT Performance?

Technology is growing fast, and hence the finance sector has to work fast to keep up with the speed of the technology advancement. You will see many industries are moving fast with the technology change. The fintech world notices the change in a great way. Security of the financial institutions is important, and even the customers will expect a perfect …

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Tips for Search Engine Optimization on Instagram for Business Marketing

Instagram has over 800 million users today, and the number is increasing day by day. It is great for businesses to use and promote their products and services as well. One can use search engine optimization on Instagram and reach out to the targeted audience with success. Businesses that use search engine optimization on Instagram can boost returns on investment …

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Industries That Will Boom After COVID-19

Coronavirus has affected the World severely. Many businesses are declining due to the Pandemic. But the Pandemic is not all that bad as it creates opportunities for new business. Existing industries are working to fit themselves within the new reality. Here is the list of industries that will boom or continue to boom after the Covid-19 Pandemic. Personal Protective Equipment …

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Digital Marketing… Are you Ahead of the Curve?

Digital Marketing is evolving at an astounding rate and even the most tested and bright marketers struggle to stay ahead of the curve. It’s all well and good posting the odd tweet or having a blog within your site but are these methods really getting results? If the answer is yes, then could you be doing better? Unfortunately, you probably …

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How To Modernize Your Company In 2023, 2024

It is important to always be looking for ways to modernize your company as this is how you stay competitive, streamline the operation, and satisfy your target customer. This is particularly true in a time where there have been so many impressive technological advances and trends in recent years. There are a few highly effective strategies that could help your …

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