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What is Information Technology

In our interconnected world, Information Technology (IT) has become an inseparable part of our daily lives, driving innovation, shaping industries, and transforming the way we live and work.  Skip to Part 2 of What is Information Technology in the Future? But what exactly is information technology? In this article, we embark on a journey to demystify this dynamic field, exploring …

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Athletes Do Not Have to Be Without Funding — Digital and Digital Trading Cards Could Be the Solution

The world is filled with talented athletes trying to make a name for themselves. However, finding enough monetary resources to sustain equipment, traveling, training, or living costs is not only troublesome but also very much limited. With digitalization and blockchain technologies, public subsidies can be replaced with new forms of acquiring financial support based on talent, and not on nationality, …

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The Future of Cryptocurrency

In recent times, the cryptocurrency has continued to gain increased popularity and understanding its value and use has attracted a large amount of public attention. Initially, it appeared somewhat scary and unfamiliar, just like the credit card looked to the users in its early days. You may have come by terms such as Ethereum, and Bitcoin. All these are cryptocurrencies …

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4 Ways Blockchain Will Influence Digital Marketing Strategies

Blockchain’s technological innovation has a transversal influence on marketing strategies due to its impact on consumer behavior. Just as the Internet did, Blockchain introduces a new trend that provokes a new attitude towards the purchase decision, completely changing the consumer’s buying behavior. > Blockchain and Marketing will mean a change in the forms of payment, to relate to our environment, …

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Growing Companies Taking on the Blockchain Model

A Blockchain is a public ledger database of digital currency transactions that have ever been executed in a particular digital currency network.  It is the protocol that digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are built on top of.  It is constantly growing as ‘completed’ blocks are added to it with a new set of recordings.  The blocks are added to …

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Top 5 Benefits of Blockchain in the Education Industry in 2023, 2024?

The education industry is estimated to reach USD 9.50 B by 2027, as per the statistics by Statista. It is also expected to have a 10.39% annual growth rate when it comes to total revenue by 2027. One main concern in the education industry is protecting student data from cybercriminals. When it comes to security, only Blockchain comes to mind. …

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The Future of Website Design in 2023, 2024: Everything Startups Need to Know

When you think about web design and development in the year 2023, 2024, it is not locked behind your computer screen. It is in your pocket and waiting to get tapped thanks to your new smartphones. It is also on your wrist and looking at you in the form of your new smartwatch. It is in the form of brand …

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The Problem of Time-Efficiency in dApp Development

Programmers are challenged to keep up with the speed of the unfolding crypto market and the complexities of decentralization. Rapid prototyping is one of those steps in the developmental phase that makes building dApps both time-consuming and hard to complete. Opportunities for dApp developers, in a landscape that is just about to go mainstream, are hefty, and the way devs …

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Why Enterprise Blockchain Investing Is a Big Deal Right Now

“Bitcoin has the same character a fax machine had. A single fax machine is a doorstop. The world where everyone has a fax machine is an immensely valuable thing.” — Larry Summers, Former US Secretary of the Treasury We are already living in a world that runs on information — and whoever has the best access to data pulls the …

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Electroneum Review – A Cryptocurrency Poised For Growth

Check out our old post on Bitcoin in 2015 at $200: Bitcoin Mining Profitability Electroneum is a cryptocurrency built on its own bitcoin-derived blockchain. The cryptocurrency claims to be “the world’s first common cryptocurrency” by targeting 2.2 smartphone users, and 7 billion and growing mobile devices. The currency was built with the specific goal of capturing the mobile gaming and …

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