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Building Scalable Architecture for your Next Web Application

Every business wants its app to be the best. With this plan in mind, developers choose their framework, database, and architecture favorable to the performance and quality. When the first beta versions are released, the most challenging part of the applications arrives. How does time going to affect my app? What are the possibilities for scalability? How is the app …

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Using a Digital Temperature Recorder to Improve Work Efficiency

The invention of the temperature logger is a gift from science to people. They continue to improve everything even after creating so many new things. For example, early temperature recorders were straightforward and employed mercury lamps with capillary tubes that had marks on them. It was necessary to carefully infer one’s readings from those markers, which undoubtedly resulted in manual …

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Best Practices to Secure IT Servers and Infrastructure

Network infrastructure is known to be the key business asset for organizations that are cloud computing for their critical line-of-business applications. In fact, the backbone of a smooth and sustaining business process is your network technology. The whole security of your system depends on how your IT person handles it. And as much as possible, there is no room for …

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Five .NET Trends to Expect in 2023

Big tech firms like Amazon or Microsoft have invested considerable amounts in the .NET system. Moreover, even small tech firms also use .NET to produce web campaigns. It has already become a central creating platform for many tech companies. So the question arises, why are they investing in the .NET ecosystem? In today’s blog, we discuss all highlighted points about …

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Future of Information Technology

As we stand at the brink of a new era, the future of Information Technology (IT) unfolds before our eyes. The rapid advancement of technology continues to reshape our world, and IT sits at the forefront of this transformative journey. Here, we explore the exciting possibilities and potential that lie ahead for information technology, offering a glimpse into the digital …

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Ways to Quiet Server Rack & Room

Server Hard Drive

When performing computational tasks, equipment tends to perform noisily. Thus, server rooms are often separated from the work area so as not to irritate or distract employees from their duties. Noise is one of the most common problems associated with data centers. It is impossible to fully exclude this problem but it is possible to minimize the level of noise …

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Tips for Easy Virtualization

Virtualization is  a process used to convert physical hardware (whether from a desktop, laptop, or server) and emulate it using software.  The result allows administrators or users to run multiple operating systems and allocate shared resources on one computer, laptop or server simultaneously.  Virtualization software loads files that define a new virtual computer, called a virtual machine.  The files can be …

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Enhanced Cloud Security

Nearly a decade ago most of the general public were left scratching their heads when the idea of the Cloud was introduced.  They knew and liked the Internet, but what was this new thing that seemed to be just an online storage service.  Adoption was slow, even in the enterprise space, but slowly and surely the needle started to move.  …

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