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Monday , 30 March 2015

IT Gadgets

Wireless SD card for your camera


"The Eye-Fi Card is a wireless memory card. It automatically uploads pictures from your digital camera to your PC or Mac and to your favorite photo sharing, printing, blogging or social networking site. No cables, no waiting, no hassles." http://w… Read More »

Back Support: Posture Support System for IT Geeks


A big problem for IT staff as well as people with desk jobs is that sitting at the desk too long causes postural problems which lead to neck and back pain, and a plethora of other long term health issues. After trying several other products on the market, we’ve found that the Bax U postural support system is by far ... Read More »

iPad – Watch in 3D without Glasses


3D innovation is becoming more and more popular in many of todays TV's, hand held devices, video games, media players, etc.  The GRilli is an overlay film place on your iPad/iPhone screen, which, when combined with the CineXPlayer Player, turns any… Read More »

What can we expect from the next generation of iPads?


Read a great blog recently from a company in the uk called Express iPad repair leeds, it has prompted me to write a little something about the cool iPad. Apple will start ramping up production of the next generation of iPads this July and August to prepare for shipments in August and September. Fifteen million units of the new and ... Read More »

How do IT guys & gals keep up to date with tech?


Browse through our extensive list of free Information Technology magazines, white papers, downloads and podcasts to find the titles that best match your skills; topics include technology, IT management, business technology and e-business. Simply complet… Read More »

Free Android and Google Apps for IT Professionals


Just got a new Android phone and thought these Android and Google apps are great for IT pros. Remote Access Android-vnc-viewer: See and control your computer’s desktop from your phone, from anywhere.  bMonitor Server Monitor: This Android app work… Read More »

Android users can now have a PC in their Pocket


Now every dual core Android user can have a PC in their pocket! "In every dual-core phone, there’s a PC trying to get out." The full PC desktop for multi-core Android phones Now multi-core Android phones can be PCs too. Ubuntu for Andro… Read More »



My old highschool gets down with Technology! More here: http://www.serviterobotics.org/ Read More »

$900 keyboard is self sanitizing and approved by the FDA


$900 keyboard is self sanitizing and approved by the FDA for healthcare use. Vioguard, a company started by two Microsoft Hardware veterans and their business partners, says it has received U.S. Food & Drug Administration approval for use of its se… Read More »

Bionic Vision Right Around the Corner


A team of US and Finnish bioengineers have embedded an antenna, radio receiver, control circuitry, and LED into a wearable contact lens. The technology is currently being tested by rabbits, in their research lab at the University of Washington, Seattle.… Read More »

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