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Saturday , 28 May 2016


Skype Voice and Video Chat Alternatives


While Skype (with Video conferencing up to 10 people) has been a household mainstream platform for consumers for over a decade, there are several other services that offer the same thing and more.  Here are some others to consider: Google Voice and Google Hangouts Google Voice phone service gives you a free phone number to use on your phone, tablet, and ... Read More »

8 Tips for Better Android Security


Making sure your property your safe is often a matter of common sense – your smartphone isn’t all that different from a home or PC. Taking basic precautions should go a long way to save you money and time. Here are eight tips that’ll boost your smartphone’s and its content’s security. Protect Your Investment It can be quite stressful to ... Read More »

Free PDF Converter


Even though PDFs are convenient for sharing and presenting a plethora of data, the one problem most commonly encountered by PDF users is the fact that they cannot be edited easily. Thankfully there are many online tools and various software to choose from when looking to convert PDFs into more editable and usable formats so that you can manipulate the ... Read More »

Top Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools 2016


Xamarin With the utilization of single shared C# codebase, you can develop Android, iOS and windows apps with most preferable Cross-platform development tool Xamarin. It allows code sharing in multiple platforms. Xamarin has an ability to test on any number of devices’ through the cloud services. Xamarin is the first choice of IT giants for developing multi-platform apps. Microsoft, Foursquare ... Read More »

How to Download Music or Video directly onto iPhone 6/6s iOS without iTunes


Apple provides iTunes for syncing your music, video and files, however this can be problematic if you have multiple devices, don’t want to wipe your existing data, and don’t always want to wait long minutes to hours for your devices to sync.  Prior to syncing, you may even be asked to run a major update which will take excessively long, ... Read More »

Latest APIs for Voice Communications 2015


Here are some of the latest APIs for voice communications in 2015: Sinch Calling About Sinch With the Sinch Voice API or Voice SDKs, you can easily add crisp HD quality VoIP calling using WiFi calling or PSTN origination and termination to your app. Add voice calling for better app engagement, stickiness, and increased user retention. Sinch allows for: App ... Read More »

How to Know When an Application is Ready for Release to the Public


While an application is being developed, it must undergo several phases of rigorous testing to ensure optimal usability. Once an application passes all tests, it is then ready to be released. A developer knows that an application is ready to be released… Read More »

2016 Predictions: Mobile Security in 2016


With an increase in the use of mobile devices such as iOS devices and Smartphones, mobile security is the need of the hour. Companies developing mobile devices such as Blackberry, tablets, iPhones or any Android device are emphasizing on the security features avoiding theft of personal data. Panda Mobile Security 2016 This software app is a perfect tool to control ... Read More »

How to apply a phone screen protector

Samsung Screen Protector

Applying a phone screen protector is just like window tinting! Tip: Putting a drop of soap water on the screen before applying the screen protector can make bubble removal easier. Just be careful not to apply too much. If you drop your screen pr… Read More »

How to Organizer your Life with an App


Evernote Available: iOS, Android; Cost: Free Evernote is the undisputed king of organization apps, allowing you to carry all the documents, notes, checklists and other information you need in one trusty app. Evernote integrates with all parts of your offline and online life, allowing you to keep everything organized in the cloud. See a job that you want to apply ... Read More »

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