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Wednesday , 22 February 2017


Skype Voice and Video Chat Alternatives

While Skype (with Video conferencing up to 10 people) has been a household mainstream platform for consumers for over a decade, there are several other services that offer the same thing and more.  Here are some others to consider: Phytter Phytter by HEC International Philippines is a reliable and friendly online VoIP option that can be used in as many ways as ... Read More »

Tracking apps for finding your phone, for paranoid parents, spouses, or employers

Have you ever had your phone stolen from you? How about the need to track your family (wife, husband, children, etc)?  Are they going where they are saying they are going?  What about an employee on their delivery route?  Are your so called trusted associates going anywhere without letting you know? While GPS tracking apps might have a spying aspect to ... Read More »

The Importance of Parental Controls

Internet, social media, IM chats, smartphones, and tablets are inevitable part of today’s life and now plays a big role in parents raising children. Today’s children are tech-savvy and know how to use different web-connected devices, even better than their parents do. Because children are immersed in technology, it is more common now that parents may not pay attention to ... Read More »

Ridlr, India’s Commuting App – Commuting woes begone

Over one-fifth of India’s urban population commutes to work on foot, while the rest do the same by means of motorcycles, or buses. Other than that, fewer than three percent take cars or vans, and over half of the commuters travel less than five kilometers. Nearly one-third of the workers in India do not commute. This means that they live ... Read More »

The best applications for secure your Android connection

VPNs or virtual proxy networks have grown in popularity among individuals and also businesses in the last few years.  For mobile phones, it has added an extra layer of security when browsing the Internet or having to access sensitive files. What is a VPN? A VPN, or virtual private network, is a network that is constructed typically usually the Internet ... Read More »

10 Mobile Apps to Manage Your Finance Wisely

In this era of digitalization and technological advancement, it has become easier for us to manage our finance more comfortably. You have no more to go to the bank to pay the bill. Even you can avoid switching on to your personal computer or laptop. There are several mobile applications which allow us for the effective finance management at once ... Read More »

Manage Business Cards

If you’re in business, attend tradeshows, do a lot of networking, etc., how do you manage all your business cards? CardEzi, a cell phone application, is one developed to convert traditional business cards into digital business card contacts through scanning with added features of having the choice between multiple templates and creating ones own custom business card design. CardEzi automatically updates ... Read More »

All You Need to Know About VMI for Mobile Apps

Most corporations have started utilizing smartphones and other different devices for business purpose. It has gone to such an extent that it has become almost necessary to consider significant risks and legal issues for a considerable number of companies. VMI stands for Virtual Mobile Infrastructure and basically, it provides end users with a highly effective and an efficient way to ... Read More »

Best Personal Assistant for Mobile in 2016-2017

source: unlocker.com

Which is the best personal assistant for mobile in 2016?  In this iOS and Android blog article, we’ll explore the three hottest personal assistants for mobile today. In 2016 and recent years, personal assistants are becoming more and more popular; Apple led the development of personal assistants with Siri (which only works on iOS), and Google followed with Google Now ... Read More »

8 Tips for Better Android Security

Making sure your property your safe is often a matter of common sense – your smartphone isn’t all that different from a home or PC. Taking basic precautions should go a long way to save you money and time. Here are eight tips that’ll boost your smartphone’s and its content’s security. Protect Your Investment It can be quite stressful to ... Read More »

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