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Sunday , 29 March 2015


Turn email into trackable support tickets


Automatically turn email into trackable support tickets.  With Sherpadesk, you can: Add enhanced support in to your workflow is as easy as setting up an email addres Streamline your support even more with automated notifications and account/client based email routing rules. Send pictures, files, and documents through our advanced email parsing system to convert everything automatically. Generate Invoices and Bills ... Read More »

ERP and Cloud Computing Landscape


The ERP and Cloud Computing landscape is constantly changing, and moreso over the last few years. The unprecedented economic drivers of the global financial meltdown and subsequent global recession have brought companies of every industry and size to sc… Read More »

IT Consulting Firms Jump into the World of Hybrid IT


While cloud computing seems as if it’s all the rage, IT consulting firms share that small and medium-sized businesses are in fact taking a cautious approach to this type of service. The solution is hybrid IT, or a hybrid cloud, which allows companies to maintain a centralized IT approach while testing out the cloud computing waters. Because of the new ... Read More »

Expand your Business with Outsourcing


Outsourcing is not always offshore IT outsourcing does not necessarily mean having to outsource out of the country, it can also mean outsourcing to another company outside of yours that has more expertise in a particular field of IT.  In the early… Read More »

Seven Must-Have Features of Server #Backup Software


Regardless of the type or size of your business, if you’re in the market for new server backup software, there are just some things you shouldn’t have to do without. As a vital piece of your organization’s disaster recovery strategy, your server backup software should not only protect and recover your critical data when you need it most, but it ... Read More »

How do IT guys & gals keep up to date with tech?


Browse through our extensive list of free Information Technology magazines, white papers, downloads and podcasts to find the titles that best match your skills; topics include technology, IT management, business technology and e-business. Simply complet… Read More »

Seven Easy Steps to Data Center Migration


Is it time to move to a data center? Relocating to a data center makes a lot a sense for companies in this high-performance computing era. Third-party hosting of IT infrastructure is good for business; it ensures that servers, and networking equipment n… Read More »

Inside Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook Datacenters


Some videos giving a sneak peek tour of Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook data centers Google Container Tour [video:youtube:zRwPSFpLX8I] Google Data Center Security [video:youtube:1SCZzgfdTBo] Microsoft [video:youtube:hOxA1l1pQIw] Apple [video… Read More »

How IT Outsourcing Helps Businesses Budget Better


In the early days of IT, many companies made the mistake of embracing technology for technology’s sake. Now that the role of technology in business has become clearer, business leaders have come to realize that its true value originates from its ability to impact the bottom line. That’s progress. These days, however, where business leaders tend to get stuck is ... Read More »

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