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This Simple Framework Can Build Peak Performing Teams

Business owners are all after the same thing: productivity. When you’re assembling a team to carry out crucial work on behalf of your business, your hiring decisions can be constrained by time, a paucity of quality options as well a lack of clarity of the vision for your business. If you haven’t put much thought into how you’d like to …

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What are the differences between COBIT and COSO

COSO and COBIT share more than just pleasant alliteration. Both the Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies (COBIT) and the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) help organizations to manage their financial reporting controls. It is important for everyone to understand the similarities, differences, and even overlaps that exist in the structure of the two. This …

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How to implement the basic ITIL processes?

Nowadays implementing ITIL is necessary for any business, either it could be a small or medium business or a large enterprise. ITIL provides a set of proven industry standards that helps businesses to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction and reduced to IT costs. But a clear understanding of ITIL processes is essential for successful ITIL implementation. Here I am …

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ERP and Cloud Computing Landscape

The ERP and Cloud Computing landscape is constantly changing, and moreso over the last few years. The unprecedented economic drivers of the global financial meltdown and subsequent global recession have brought companies of every industry and size to sc…

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Creating an IT Strategy: A How to Guide

IT is beneficial for all companies given that they assist with the storing of information, protecting data, and in the long run, making strategic decisions. It is exactly for this reason that an IT strategy must be present in all business settings, and this is your how-to guide on achieving this. Naturally, you will need a team of IT professionals …

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How to Invest in the Right Software for Your Business

Investing in software solutions can help scale your business with minimal cost, improve productivity and greatly increase earning potential. But, with a wide range of software solutions on the market, it’s important to hone in on those which will be beneficial for your business. This will involve creating guidelines relating to software adoption and setting metrics to measure performance. In …

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6 Time Management Tips for Project Managers

It’s so easy to feel like a busy fool at work these days. In an increasingly connected world, we are never very far away from a distraction that can easily pull us away from completing a task and for busy project managers this can be tricky; creating chaos and disorganization as we flit from one task to another, never quite …

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Simple Tricks that Every Project Manager Needs to Know

Sometimes, it can be hard to define what a project manager is – or who can be one. One of the main reasons for this is because project managers are diverse – and they themselves also need to use a variety of different skills. Their job requires them to switch between managing a small team to taking a step back …

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