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B2B Appointment Setting Strategies

B2B appointment setting is a skill crucial to anyone trying to generate sales for big business. It’s an art that requires a delicate strategy as you try to transform high-level decision-makers into buyers. Most of the sales managers depend on the B2B appointment setting in order to close a deal. Often, it is impossible for a sale to happen without …

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Why Managing IT Comes Last on the To-Do List for Many Small Companies?

Believe it or not, running a small company can sometimes be more challenging than running a large one. Whereas in the case of a large company there are well-defined rules and procedures to follow, smaller companies are sometimes run in a completely different manner: decisions are taken on the fly, corners are cut, and priorities can be erroneous. A very …

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How To Reduce IT Costs

It is no secret that IT costs can be huge when it comes to business. Equally, IT is the cornerstone of the operation for companies in many industries so it is not an area that you can easily work around. Not only this, but IT costs are rising as the technology becomes more advanced so it can be difficult for …

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8 Most Common IT Problems for Small Businesses and How to Solve Them

Annoying IT problems don’t always require complicated solutions. Optimize your small business by learning how to deal with these common IT problems. Global spending on IT is expected to reach $3.8 trillion by the end of 2019. This is a 3.2% increase over the previous year. More businesses are continuing to invest in new enterprise-oriented technologies to boost growth and …

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Cloud Computing: Follow These 7 Steps to Establish Your Network for the Cloud

Cloud computing is a way for devices to store and access data in conjunction with online servers. For example, when you save something on your computer, the file you used is sent to a server over the internet and then saved there so others can use it. The magic of cloud computing lies in how much easier this makes things …

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Startup Tips: Pros and Reasons to Outsource Your IT

When we think of outsourcing your IT, we often think about larger companies that have the money to be able to hire others on a freelance or rolling basis to complete projects. However, most experts believe startups can benefit from outsourcing work in a very similar manner. Instead of expecting the few people who are “in the room” when a …

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Automation in the Office: Different Ways to Do It

Office automation can deliver a number of benefits, such as the reduction of operating expenses, streamlining processes, improving productivity, and enhancing efficiency, among other things. Often, this will require investment, but this should not be seen as an unnecessary expense as the cost can be justifiable. With this, below are some of the ways to facilitate automation in the office. …

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Internet Audit Effectiveness – Data Analytics Strategy

Price-Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PWC) releases its State of the Internal Audit Profession Study report annually. The most recent report focused on the differences that exist between “Observers,” “Followers,” and “Evolvers.” It similarly sought to tie the three to organizational approaches for adopting data analytics strategies for internal effectiveness. Internal Audit Data Analytics Strategy According to the study, organizations that embrace technology …

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