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Wednesday , 24 May 2017


IBM and Salesforce Announce Landmark Global Strategic Partnership on Artificial Intelligence

Employing AI for sales is a powerful initiative because it arms salespeople and Salesforce customers to enhance their sales with deeper knowledge of their customers and prospects that aid for intelligent engagement and guiding them with suitable messages. IBM has revolutionized the Watson artificial intelligence and extended it for the service of Salesforce customers. IBM and Salesforce has officially declared ... Read More »

5 Things Chat Bots Tell Us about Mobility and Mobile Computing

Have you ever been involved in an online chat session and thought something isn’t quite right? It would seem as though you are chatting with a real, live human being, but the responses you get from the other side of the screen do not seem as fluid and engaging as they ought to be. Well, perhaps you are not really ... Read More »

Company Creates Prosthetic Limbs for Pets

When this dog was a puppy, he was abandoned in the basement of a foreclosed home along with his mother. Frigid temperatures and perhaps lack of food killed his mother, but this guy hung on. Unfortunately, frostbite claimed his feet. He was found and later adopted by veterinarian assistant Christie Pace. Pace raised money to pay for two back leg ... Read More »

Robotic Warehouse #robots

Acquired by Amazon in 2012, and used by many big warehouse names such as Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples, and Zappos, Kiva Systems brings a complete goods-to-man warehouse robotic automation system that doubles productivity while simultaneously improving speed, accuracy and flexibility. Wall Street Journal Some Videos about Kiva Systems Read More »

CubeStormer II

[video:youtube:d0LfkIut2M] CubeStormer II solves the Rubik's Cube puzzle faster than the human world record. This ARM Powered robot was designed, built and programmed by Mike Dobson and David Gilday, creators respectively of CubeStormer http://y… Read More »


My old highschool gets down with Technology! More here: http://www.serviterobotics.org/ Read More »

Japanese Cyborg Suit to Clean Up Fukushima

Japanese robotics wizard Yoshiyuki Sankai invented his science fiction-inspired robotic exoskeletons to help disabled people, but a new model aims to speed up the clean-up at Fukushima. On Monday, Sankai unveiled a new version for his suit, the Hybrid A… Read More »

Google, Yahoo, MSN appends DMOZ Title or Description

Google, Yahoo, or MSN may append DMOZ title and description Getting your website listed on DMOZ will give it a boost in ranking in Google and other search engines due to DMOZ's historic value and credibility by being publicly edited, like Wikipedia.&nb… Read More »

Robot Fish Teach Japanese Children About Ocean Life

A Japanese marine biologist and educator named Masamichi Hayashi has developed a new aspect of education. He has created some one hundred life-like, hand-made fish bots constructed from all kinds of recycled objects, including everything under the sun fr… Read More »

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