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Sunday , 1 May 2016
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IT and Tech Blogs

Information Technology Blog provides you with information and links to computer tips, tricks, solutions, news and relevant information to IT related topics. Information Technology Blog provides you with information and links to computer tips, tricks, solutions, news and relevant information to IT related topics. We also feature a collection of blogs containing links to information technology related software, hardware, news, cool sites, news on gadgets, where to get them, search engine optimization, and more.

Cloud Security

3d network server room and cloud outside as concept

7 Steps for Building Security in the Cloud from the Ground Up Planning EarlyIdentify VulnerabilitiesMitigate Security VulnerabilitiesProtect DataSecure your platformExtend trust across federated cloudsChoose the right service providerThe cloud seems to… Read More »

Determine website owner or affiliation


Need to do some investigating on a website to find out what other sites are connected or owned by that person/company?  Do you think your website(s) is completely anonymous?  Many of us know that an easy whois lookup can reveal to a website'… Read More »

Why Managing IT comes last on the to-do list for many small companies?


Who Needs IT Management Anyway? This is a very common question that small business owners ask themselves, and it makes perfect sense up to a point. Most small companies start in a small room or a garage, with a bunch of people coming together with high ambitions and little know-how, but a h3 will to succeed. They get the absolute ... Read More »

Hidden Cameras For Homes


One of the features you want to look for when selecting the hidden cameras for homes, is the fact that they will blend in to the environment. You can find cameras that are shaped like outdoor light fixtures, you can find products that look like speakers, and several other product options that are available to the home owner, to ensure ... Read More »

Worst Computer Viruses

Most Destructive Computer Virus of All Time

Morris Worm Malware Cyber Threat History: Notable Destructive Viruses I Love You Virus Code Red Virus Slammer Sapphire Virus My Doom Virus Storm Worm Trojan Virus Originally posted 2015-08-04 23:02:48. Republished by Blog Post Promoter Read More »

Is your Website Ready for HTTP/2?


The last HTTP protocol update was in 1997, and until now, there have not been any updates.  For the past almost 2 decades, HTTP has basically done the heaving lifting of bringing webpages to the end user’s browser; for instance, when you go to any website, you create an HTTP request to a webserver, asking it to deliver all elements ... Read More »

3 ways to create a smart home with some help from Google


What does Google have to do with all of this you ask? A lot. Google is doing many things including buying big companies to make sure we can start living in our dream homes from the future sooner. Here are some devices and technologies owned by Google that will help you create a smarter home. Nest Google recently purchased Nest ... Read More »

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