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Saturday , 30 April 2016
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IT and Tech Blogs

Information Technology Blog provides you with information and links to computer tips, tricks, solutions, news and relevant information to IT related topics. Information Technology Blog provides you with information and links to computer tips, tricks, solutions, news and relevant information to IT related topics. We also feature a collection of blogs containing links to information technology related software, hardware, news, cool sites, news on gadgets, where to get them, search engine optimization, and more.

How to Know When an Application is Ready for Release to the Public


While an application is being developed, it must undergo several phases of rigorous testing to ensure optimal usability. Once an application passes all tests, it is then ready to be released. A developer knows that an application is ready to be released… Read More »

World’s Fastest Supercomputers 2015


10. Vulcan The mysterious U.S. government supercomputer that occupied this spot last year has fallen off the list, to be replaced by last year’s No. 9, a less-mysterious U.S. government supercomputer called Vulcan. Housed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Vulcan is partially open to the public, who can rent out processor cycles for research or business purposes. 9. JUQUEEN ... Read More »

Microsoft Exchange in 2016: Onsite or Offsite?


Onsite Exchange Server Pros You have full control over system (plus backups, security) You are accountable, responsible for your own data, and if there is an issue, have a better idea of when it will be fixed Security and infrastructure is all yours.  Data is backed up and available to people who need it.  Access outside of the company is limited. No ... Read More »

2016 Predictions: Mobile Security in 2016


With an increase in the use of mobile devices such as iOS devices and Smartphones, mobile security is the need of the hour. Companies developing mobile devices such as Blackberry, tablets, iPhones or any Android device are emphasizing on the security features avoiding theft of personal data. Panda Mobile Security 2016 This software app is a perfect tool to control ... Read More »

How to Create Good Product Landing Pages


Product Pages In A Website – What Should Be Included Almost all ecommerce web designers understand the importance of product pages in a website. It is critical that a product page is well designed according to the needs and requirements of the retailer’s business. Almost every company spends a lot on their product pages. In fact, a product page is ... Read More »

Search for RSS Feeds


Great site for searching for RSS Feeds on any topic you wish! http://www.rsssearchhub.com/ Read More »

Is a responsive design right for your ecommerce website?


As an eCommerce professional, what should you keep in mind?    Here are some considerations: User friendly, improved user experience: When done correctly, responsive design can improve user experience. Online retailers utilizing responsive design are generally seeing consumers respond positively to the new, more user-friendly experience with decreased bounce rates and increased page views from mobile and tablet sessions. Mobile ... Read More »

How to Turn Facebook Albums into Public Website Galleries


Take 3 easy steps to create a nice looking photo gallery with the QuickGallery application. Whether you’re a Facebook newbie or an advanced user, you will find this app very useful if you want to make your photo galleries look much better than usual. The… Read More »

The Best eCommerce Platforms for Attractive Themes

web hosted themes

Then there’s the reliability of the web hosting, page loading speeds, secure checkouts and a whole bunch of other things to consider. Yet if there’s one thing that’s just as important, if not more so, it’s the look and feel of your whole site. A good online store needs to be both pleasing on the eye and easy to navigate, ... Read More »

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