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Friday , 31 July 2015
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IT and Tech Blogs

Information Technology Blog provides you with information and links to computer tips, tricks, solutions, news and relevant information to IT related topics. Information Technology Blog provides you with information and links to computer tips, tricks, solutions, news and relevant information to IT related topics. We also feature a collection of blogs containing links to information technology related software, hardware, news, cool sites, news on gadgets, where to get them, search engine optimization, and more.

Best IT Blogs of 2015


Information Week Read More » Reddit Technology Read More » Info World Read More » IT News Read More » Internet News Realtime News for IT Managers Read More » CNET Reviews – Editors’ Choice Reviews Read More » Information Technology Blog – Galido Networks Read More » ZDNet News Read More » Read More »

21st Century Evolution of the Calculator


The developer calls it the world’s first camera calculator. Some call it cheating.  Others call it a valuable tool for a parent helping with his kid’s math homework and attempting to remember grade-school arithmetic or middle-school algebra. With PhotoMath, you can simply snap a picture of a math equation and it instantly delivers the answer, while also providing step-by-step instructions on ... Read More »

Tips on Branding Your Website


Things to take care of while building a brand online The internet levels the playing field and offers equal chance for both small and big enterprises to expand their business and create a distinct impression upon the customers. However, not having the proper knowledge on online branding might affect your business negatively. A poorly planned and executed branding campaign can ... Read More »

Virtual Reality on your Smartphone


Revealed at the Google IO conference, Cardboard is a scored, flat-pack box that you fold into set of cardboard goggles that hold your phone; an accompanying software package uses your phone’s screen and accelerometer to create stereo-optical VR images in the manner of the Oculus Rift. It’s a delightfully simple and elegant concept, and Google has published plans for making your own. ... Read More »

Turn off Google Spam Filter


Click on Tools, Settings Under filters, create a new filter Where it says, Has the words, type is:spam Click continue and you will be prompted a warning.  Click OK Select never send to spam, and apply to matching conversions (optional) Update your filter, and start receiving unfiltered email again. Read More »

The Only Email System The NSA Can’t Access


When the NSA surveillance news broke last year it sent shock waves through CERN, the particle physics laboratory in Switzerland. Andy Yen a PhD student took to the Young at CERN Facebook group with a simple message: “I am very concerned about the privacy issue, and I was wondering what I could do about it.” There was a massive response, ... Read More »

Learn to code #programming


Codecademy is a fun and easy way to learn how to code. Learning with Codecademy will put you on the path to building great websites, games, and apps. It's interactive, fun, and you can do it with your friends. Learn to code here Check out availa… Read More »

Some good sites for free computer online learning


Lessons in programming code (interactive) http://www.codeschool.com/ http://www.codeacademy.com (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, beta stage Python)http://www.rubymonk.com (Ruby)http://www.w3schools.com/ (HTML, CSS) According to this site and many people here, th… Read More »

Heartbleed Vulnerability Test


A recent security bug named “Heartbleed” may have made your login/passwords vulnerable on affected sites. You are encouraged to change your passwords if you’ve entered sensitive information on vulnerable websites. “The Heartbleed bug allows anyone on the Internet to read the memory of the systems protected by the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software. This compromises the secret keys used ... Read More »

How to Upload Your Video to Multiple Video Hosting Sites


Hosting your videos on a free, video sharing website such as YouTube, Blip.tv, Vimeo, Dailymotion or even on a social networking site such as Facebook has many advantages to reach higher visibility on search engine results (SEO).   Best, of al… Read More »

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