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Friday , 29 May 2015
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IT Blog – Galido.net

Information Technology Blog provides you with information and links to computer tips, tricks, solutions, news and relevant information to IT related topics. Information Technology Blog provides you with information and links to computer tips, tricks, solutions, news and relevant information to IT related topics. We also feature a collection of blogs containing links to information technology related software, hardware, news, cool sites, news on gadgets, where to get them, search engine optimization, and more.

2013 – Information Technology in Review


Mobile Device Battles In 2013, mobile devices will pass PCs to be most common Web access tools. By 2015, over 80% of handsets in mature markets will be smart phones. Mobile applications & HTML 5 Through 2014, JavaScript performance will push HTML5 and the browser as a mainstream application developer environment. Personal Cloud The cloud will be center of digital ... Read More »

Windows 8: Browser/File Browser opens in Metro/App Mode instead of Desktop Mode


When using chrome or explorer to upload a file, instead of getting the standard “browse for folder” window, you get the Windows 8 Metro style browse for folder window, like so: You will see yourself running into this when uploading a media file via browser through wordpress/joomla/drupal etc via the backend CMS for example.  If you want to upload an ... Read More »

Great Career in Testing Applications for Your Favorite Companies


Application testing is becoming a very popular career for two reasons. 1. The pay is absurd for the workload. 2. You can get into the industry with no degree at all! A lot of individuals are finding great tutorial sites online that offer everything you need to get started with application testing. One of the better sites to check out ... Read More »

Looking for a good Windows 8 Start Menu Replacement?


Enhance your windows start menu with Vistart 8. With cool custom start menu skins like the windows 8 start menu metro skin, start menu buttons and lot’s of extra features. The ultimate start menu for Windows 8 and competable with Windows 7, Vista and XP you can download for free. So get your start menu back in windows 8 or replace your start menu ... Read More »

Very Cool and High Paying IT Jobs


Individuals are stepping foot in the industry by accessing everything they need through lots of helpful and easy tutorials online. www.QTPtutorial.net is one of the better programs out there in terms of delivering advanced tips and tricks, as well as the most up to date information. This is an online blog that has built it’s reputation on quality and the best ... Read More »

3 Advantages of Getting Rid of Your Print Servers


3 Advantages of Getting Rid of Your Print Servers 1. Give Power to End-Users With a self-service, web-based portal, your printer installation will help to empower your end-users. They’ll have the ability to quickly find printers, as well as install them. Here are some of the end-user empowering benefits: Reduces Calls to Help Desk – The portal is very intuitive, ... Read More »

Turn email into trackable support tickets


Automatically turn email into trackable support tickets.  With Sherpadesk, you can: Add enhanced support in to your workflow is as easy as setting up an email addres Streamline your support even more with automated notifications and account/client based email routing rules. Send pictures, files, and documents through our advanced email parsing system to convert everything automatically. Generate Invoices and Bills ... Read More »

Essential Steps for Migrating Legacy Systems or Applications


Many organizations utilize IT infrastructure and applications for conducting their day to day business. When these systems become old and outdated, they are often termed as legacy systems and legacy applications. Organizations at some point of time experience several issues by utilizing old and outdated technology applications such as Technical Issues with Old Legacy Applications User interface incompatibility Transition support ... Read More »

Playing With A Cell Phone Radiation Detector


It’s true. Scientists have known for years that cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation and they’ve also known that those waves have an as-yet undetermined effect on our bodies. In fact, they are well aware that some researchers feel that cell phone radiation can cause brain tumors. There is really no way you would know how much radiation your cell phone emits ... Read More »


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