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Saturday , 29 July 2017
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SEO Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks for optimizing your site for the web. This Blog contains information on Search Engine optimization based on personal experiences and from knowledge gained from other experts in the IT industry and SEO space. For help with your SEO needs, contacts us – galido.net; 1st page google results for Information Technology Blog out of 244 million (last updated 8-22-09)

Free .edu links

Find free edu blog links via Google search. Type: inurl:blogs inurl:edu Why are .edu links so important? .edu links belong to educational institutions, therefore many links referenced from them are meaningful or resource links to additional meanin… Read More »

Disable Google Personalized Search

Are your results being skewed due to Google Personalized Search? You can turn off this feature by doing the following: 1. Search any keyword/term 2. Results will display. Click on Web History on the top right. 3. Lastly click on "Disable customiza… Read More »

SEO Myths

Using Robots.txt is the safest way to keep a page/site from being crawled.Actually not. Even if you blocked a page through the “disallow” tag on robots.txt, Google might still crawl it following an external incoming link. The safest way to block out a… Read More »

Google Search Trends and Other Trending Searches


Keywords are text entered by the user into a search engine or directory. Found matches (known as hits) appear in a list. To get an idea of what top keywords users are currently entering, view some of these sites: AOL Hot Searches (Top current queries,… Read More »

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