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Thursday , 23 March 2017
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SEO Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks for optimizing your site for the web. This Blog contains information on Search Engine optimization based on personal experiences and from knowledge gained from other experts in the IT industry and SEO space. For help with your SEO needs, contacts us – galido.net; 1st page google results for Information Technology Blog out of 244 million (last updated 8-22-09)

Are Forums Still An Effective Online Marketing Platform?

As a business owner, you must have realized that ideas, information and website content are some of the important aspects of a successful online business. In this regard, the internet is an important and important conduit of information for your business. For a while now, online forums have proven to be an innovative ways for people to market their businesses ... Read More »

Google Penalty Checker

Google has been tweaking it’s algorithms for a little over a decade now, since 2000.  In the beginning, Google’s toolbar extension and pagerank were the important tools/factors which drove SEO.  Overtime, Google continued to refine the quality of search results and began to eliminate poor quality content by establishing penalties. Google Penalty Checker – Am I being penalized by Google? ... Read More »

How to do Instagram Marketing

Instagram Planning Before you do anything, be clear what hole Instagram would fill in your marketing mix. Work to understand the demographics who live on Instagram and the content that works best. Give people something to care about and you will be rewarded. Hashtags When you use hashtags on photos and followers click the company profile, businesses can include a link on that profile. Use that ... Read More »

Social Media Marketing World 2015: Seven things you need to know

Social media marketing is something that holds the ability to refresh your business from an ambling run. You just need to be a little smart with some nifty tricks, and then it really doesn’t take much time to be an adept. Conversion is significant. Well, without making much delay, here we present some of the must know things about social ... Read More »

Brighten up with Crowdsourcing

Translation services such as Ackuna take crowd-sourcing technology to a higher level by providing the user with all the power. Ackuna’s method allows user’s translations to be peer reviewed. Educators and language enthusiasts are always wiling to contribute their knowledge and experience through crowdsourcing. It is essentially the perfect solution for gathering language experts with something to share with the ... Read More »

5 Link Building Tips for 2015

Google routinely updates its search algorithms, which determine the order in which sites appear for any given search term or phrase. It’s important to understand the latest criteria being used by the algorithms if you want to increase the odds that your business will appear in the number-one position for relevant search terms, and of course, as a business owner, ... Read More »

10 Items That Every Small-Business Website Needs

From thorough contact information to customer testimonials, here are the essentials that every small business website should have for it to effectively help you do business. 1. A clear description of who you are Someone who stumbles upon your website shouldn’t have to do investigative work to figure out what, exactly, it is that you do. That means clearly stating ... Read More »

SEO: Target Cities with your Target Keywords

Today, we are going to show you a trick on how we got ourselves first page for various long tail keywords targeted at various cities. SEO Trick for Local Businesses Create a page for every city you are targeting, followed by or preceded by your target keyword. Include a link to these pages on every page of your website. Insert ... Read More »

How to Build An Online Empire with Internet Marketing

When it comes to credibility online, there is nothing quite so helpful as being recognized as the authority in a given market. There are a number of ways to become that authority, but one of the quickest and most effective is to ensure that your name dominates the search results, allowing you the freedom and clout to leverage that popularity ... Read More »

Top SEO tips 2014

The best tip of doing SEO on your website is not thinking you’re doing SEO and keep it as natural as possible. For example doing posting like you would be for your own site and not robotically and in quantities to make as many links as possible. When building links remember it’s not quantity its quality the search engine loves. ... Read More »

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