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CBD And Technology: How They Are Related?

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become the most-talked-about substance whose market is growing explosively. In the last five years, it has become a household remedy used to relieve health-related ailments.

Demand for CBD is exceeding expectations, and technology has played a significant role. The CBD industry is projected to grow over the next few years due to changing consumer needs and increased demands for CBD products. Here is how technology is reshaping the CBD industry.

Tech-Centered CBD farming

Tech firms are stepping in to make cannabis farming processes more efficient. Today, there are machines and equipment designed to speed up tasks such as potting and planting. Cultivation of cannabis plants is expensive and tedious since it needs special attention to grow properly. Companies that cultivate the plant indoors have benefited from highly efficient equipment that improves the cultivation.

Moreover, technology has transformed the cultivation process through LED bulbs that provide a broader light spectrum for faster growth. Additionally, companies are using technology to analyze every event in the production pipeline that could impact quality. Quality-tracking software allows producers to eliminate any CBD problems and represent high-quality products to the consumer.

CBD Extraction Technology

Extraction entails removing beneficial compounds from the hemp flower. Consequently, technology has allowed for more efficient extraction to create different CBD products. For example, products such as vape cartridges, rosin, CBD vape juice, and hemp oil concentrate on extraction technology. Experts use rosin press to extract CO2 when making CBD, a process that has improved with technology. Since rosin press needs a lot of pressure, technology allows faster extraction that increases the overall production.

Similarly, vape technology is constantly developing to cater to consumer desires. CBD companies are making quality CBD vape kits created with technologically advanced pieces to provide the best experience. It has been used in making cartridges from ceramic glass and steel and temperature settings designed to burn at lower temperatures.

Genetic Engineering and Effective CBD Products

Technology is creating more effective CBD oil products that can fulfill the changing consumer needs. CBD companies have to reduce the percentage of mind-altering THC in cannabis flowers with more demand for CBD-based products for medicinal values. Fortunately, technology offers opportunities to alter the genetics of cannabis to suit consumer demands.

Through genetic engineering, farmers can manipulate the cells of industrial hemp to reduce the amount of THC. This is made possible through advanced in-breeding, allowing scientists to produce hemp strains with high CBD percentages and undetectable THC content.

Artificial Intelligence in the CBD Industry

Artificial intelligence has made its way into the CBD industry and contributes to its growth. This technology is used on the farm to improve soils, workflow, and understand market trends. There is a shift into a hyper-interesting CBD industry that attracts new customers each day.

The CBD companies are using AI to improve market research by getting information regarding buyer habits, customer preference, and product use. Through technology, farmers can learn how to improve their products and attract more consumers. They get access to more data on CBD use and gain insight into competitors.

Blockchain and Crypto Technology in the CBD Industry

With government policies hindering the CBD industry boom, blockchain and cryptocurrency are allowing CBD businesses to thrive. Companies that couldn’t operate with regular banking and financing turn to the blockchain as an alternative route to making transactions. Since the CBD industry is lumped in the same category as illegal marijuana, banks have been reluctant to work with CBD companies. However, technology has stepped in to facilitate access to banking.

Simultaneously, several companies are working to address the problems caused by the lack of financial services in the cannabis industry. Blockchain technology is allowing businesses to do away with cash and banks. The cashless and mobile payment solutions are part of technology-induced measures that have made CBD mainstream.

Blockchain technology allows consumers to track CBD products from growers and producers. The improved transparency helps to know where and how hemp plants are grown, processed and what ingredients are in the product. With concerns over the lack of regulation in CBD cultivation and sale to consumers, this seed-to-sale tracker software helps consumers track cannabis products.


A vast majority of edible CBD in the body is ineffective and escapes through the urine. The oil-based edibles have rich texture but offer only limited delivery of CBD. However, technology has allowed the development of patented formulations that change how cannabinoids enter the bloodstream. Furthermore, CBD bioavailability describes how much of the product gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

The nano-technology helps CBD companies to develop water-based products that have high bioavailability. It is turning CBD into a water-soluble compound that can be added to many other products such as beverages.

The Bottom Line

The CBD industry has benefited, notably from several technological advancements. The rapid growth of this industry has reciprocated with better technologically informed solutions. Scientific and technological developments continue to bring shifts in the CBD sector by changing production and consumption. As CBD becomes mainstream, technology plays a crucial role in its growth while helping CBD companies gain a competitive advantage and meet industry standards. There are immense opportunities in the CBD sector, facilitated by technological advancement. Soon, consumers could scan CBD products to understand every piece of information about their production.

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