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Wednesday , 18 January 2017
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Cheapest Gas

Taxes, oil refining, distribution and oil marketing make up just about half of the overall cost of fuel; the other half goes to crude oil.  Crude oil cost vary by seasonal trends, supply and demand, the value of the U.S. dollar, and international market factors.

In a nutshell, stability in oil-producing nations means high production, which causes an oil glut, which results in cheap crude oil.

Efficient cars also means more miles or kilometers to the dollar.  That puts money back into your pocket.  But don’t stop there; there are ways to find even cheaper gas.

Find the cheapest gas in your area.

Find me the cheapest gas

Other Great Apps

Find apps like the 7-Eleven Fuel app, allows drivers to search for the nearest 7-Eleven gas station anywhere in the world with the lowest price on fuel. What’s special about this app is drivers can ‘lock in’ that price and redeem gas for the amount shown on the app at any 7-Eleven store within seven days. The new concept means motorists can redeem the best local deal on fuel purchases regardless of which 7-Eleven fuel store they fill up at. This deal is exclusive to 7-Eleven customers.

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