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Choosing A Profitable Niche For Your New Blog

Over the last number of years blogging has taken the world by storm. A blog is usually relatively easy to set up and to maintain, and it makes the perfect platform for anyone with something to say to put their views in front of the world, and make some money in the process. Whatever your reason for wanting to start a blog, the first thing you need to do is choose a niche.

The following are some tips for choosing a profitable niche:

profitableblogWrite about what you know

This might seem obvious, but too many people (especially those involved in Internet Marketing) are too inclined to write on a topic that is proven to be profitable. The thing is, to have a profitable blog you need to be writing on a topic you are comfortable with, know something about, and have some enthusiasm for. How else are you going to keep it updated with engaging and interesting information (unless you intend to outsource your content)? The blogs that are most popular online are those that are written by people with a passion for what they are writing about. Whether it is a blog on literature, weight loss, celebrities, toys, health, or other, it has to be something YOU love. This will come across in your writing and eventually people who love the same thing you do, will find your content and your readership will increase.

Your topic should have growth potential

Although it is important to write about something you are passionate about, you should also take into consideration its commercial viability. Some topics are seasonal, or are a trend that won’t last forever. Pay attention to the current popularity of your topic and assess whether or not this will be a topic that will be popular in months and years to come.

Decide on your income streams

Before you start writing your blog you should research the potential for multiple income streams in your niche. Will you use affiliate programs (and are there suitable affiliate programs for your topic), will you use Adsense or another ad program, or will you sell advertising on your blog? Some types of monetization will be more suitable for some topics than others.

Know your competition and how you can use them

You should read your competitors blogs and learn what they do – what do they write about, what style do they write in, what type of monetization do they use on their blogs? Will you be able to use them as backlink opportunities to your blog – do they accept blog comments, do they accept guest posts? Are they building a list of subscribers (in which case you might be able to joint venture with your competitors if you have a list or product of your own)? In some niches your competitors can also be your biggest allies, and can help to make you more money if you approach them the right way.

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