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Choosing the right IT certification

So you want to get started in Information Technology? The IT industry is vast and very complex. People need experience, certifications and degrees to stand out and succeed. But the big question you have to ask yourself is what you want to do in Information Technology?

There are many different focuses that you can get into, from technical support to programming. I’ve covered a few of the more popular categories below.


A top certification in development and programming is the MCPD. This would be a fantastic field to go into if you are interested in Microsoft-based software development. This professional certification will focus on the development inside of Visual Studio.

Technical Support

The CompTIA A+ certification is a standard in the industry for becoming an IT support technician. This certification is for technicians looking to do it support services like preventative maintenance, installing/troubleshooting software and hardware and installing basic networks.

Systems Engineer

If you are looking for a position in a more logistics and coordination management role you will want to look into systems engineering. The industry standard for designing and implementing infrastructures in the window-based server environment is the MCSE certification.


Cisco might have slashed their workforce and who knows how many of those were even Cisco Certified?  There are still millions of companies out there who depend on technology to run their business and they are in need of network support services and Cisco Certified Professionals to run it all.   The CCNP is a cisco certification for people looking for a longer more extensive program that will present them with a more computer network support focused career. Normally, Cisco programs are more challenging to help prepare you for specific tasks. Generally, these certifications are highly respected in the IT community much similar to the MCPD.

Business Analysis

This position is highly focused on the business side of the industry relates business models to their integration with the technology within the company. The popular IT certifications in this field have been the MCP and the MCSD. The MCSD has recently been discontinued; the replacement is widely the MCTS.

Database Analyst

If you are interested in the implementation and the administrative roles of SQL servers and databases the MCDBA is one of the highest regarded certifications you can receive in the IT industry.

Computer Forensics

There are two major fields inside of computer forensics that focus on finding the infected areas of a hacker or finding data off of hard drives, computers, and other devices for legal cases. Two of the top certifications for computer forensics are the CCFE and the CHFI.


A certification in this field will focus on threats and vulnerabilities, networks, applications, cryptography, and access control. This is a very important role in any office environment. One of the well-known certifications for security is the CompTIA Security+.

These are only some of the branches of Information Technology and different IT certifications. There are many more categories and more certifications, degrees, and programs, so be sure to choose carefully the one that’s right for you.

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