Cloud Security

Using the cloud is like outsourcing the entire contents of your computer, giving you more speed, flexibility, resources and scalability.

How Secure is the Cloud?

Although it is impossible to protect yourself 100% from security breaches, there are several ways to help mitigate risk. This webinar discusses common scams and fraud to watch out for, as well as techniques to help defend against them.

  • Strengthening computer defenses
  • Identifying and avoiding malware
  • Helping protect company data, even on mobile devices
  • Strengthening and securing passwords

The discussion below covers the essentials of cloud computing, including:

  • Using cloud-based email
  • Backing up data in the cloud
  • Hosting applications in the cloud
  • Using the cloud to increase security

Steps for Building Security in the Cloud

  • Planning Early
  • Identify Vulnerabilities
  • Mitigate Security Vulnerabilities
  • Protect Data
  • Secure your platform
  • Extend trust across federated clouds
  • Choose the right service provider

The cloud seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. If you’ve been considering how to make the leap to cloud computing, you’ve also had to start thinking about how to extend security to this new technology environment. Despite potential savings in infrastructure costs and improved business flexibility, security is still the number one barrier to implementing cloud initiatives for many companies. Read how to address these concerns in this guide.

Intel provides a comprehensive guide gives you a clear plan to:

  • Understand security challenges the cloud presents
  • Identify vulnerabilities for your service
  • Fully secure your platform

Get Intel’s Complimentary Guide to Fully Address Your Cloud Security Concerns

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