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Customer Feedback Tools for Your Website

Improving your site and how you offer your product can really make all the difference. Yes, there are numerous ways to do it, but have you ever considered including your customer’s thoughts in your web design.

These 7 tools make it easy to gather suggestions on a smorgasbord of things and will make it a lot easier to tweak and give them what they want.

Get Satisfaction

Modern online stores strive to offer their users more social shopping experience. This is why platforms like Get Satisfaction are preferred by marketers who value customer feedback regarding various issues. Get Satisfaction can be easily integrated into product pages, thanks to the E-Commerce Community solution. The overall purpose of implementing such solutions is to provide better customer care and to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates.


The tool makes completing customer surveys a dream and offers a wide range of support and offerings for those looking to ensure they get as much information as possible from their customers. It provides a simple feedback system with intuitive analysis tools that offer clarity and improve businesses.


This platform is extremely popular, more than half of the Fortune 50 companies is currently using it to gain real-time feedback from users of websites, mobile apps, or even real-life stores. OpinionLab offers merchants an invaluable tool that allows them to react very quickly to feedback from their loyal consumers and brand followers.


This is a tool that enables easy diagnose of a website, with the purpose of determining which are the areas where their customers may encounter problems. Their feedback may concern various issues such as broken links and competitive prices found elsewhere on the web. Additionally, this tool includes an opt-in form that allows users to subscribe to a newsletter. Merchants can use it to build their list and use it for their future email marketing campaigns.


UserVoice Feedback is one of the best solutions for merchants who want to gain a better understanding of their consumers. This platform includes a forum where people can submit their feedback, ideas, and opinions without having to sign up for a membership account. Additionally, users can search for similar opinions and feedback, thanks to the integrated search-as-you-type functionality. This prevents them from creating duplicate content. UserVoice allows for automatic moderation, thus eliminating the spam. Nonetheless, it is possible to switch to 100% manual moderation if needed, so a merchant can have full control over what gets published online.

Zoho Discussions

This platform is perfect for creating your own customer support community. Thanks to the rebranding tools, marketers can customize their community to look and feel just like their website. Zoho Discussions allows merchants to set their own moderation rules and to organize and capture feedback from other places on the web. If you want to organize and group your followers under the umbrella of a vibrant community, this can be an invaluable tool to help you achieve your goals and serve your customers better.


This solution allows merchants to collect insights from their customers via comment cards and online surveys. The platform has the ability to collect user information such as IP address, location, browser, and operating system details. This allows for a detailed analysis and segmenting of the customers. Moreover, this platform can collect information and feedback in more than 32 languages, so it can be used by merchants from virtually all over the world.


SuggestionBox is very easy to implement on any e-commerce website and it enables displaying a suggestion box for users to give their feedback. Data is collected in real-time, thus enabling marketers to react quickly to the feedback received from their customers. Feedback can be organized into categories of interest, for easier browsing. The software allows website owners to decide which suggestions get published on the website and which ones should remain hidden.

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