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Determine Keyword Ranking

An oldie but goodie: Digitalpoint keyword tracker can be used to check search engines (currently supporting Google, Yahoo and Bing) for search engine ranking and track those ranking historically, which is critical when tracking keyword status while doing search engine optimization for your website(s).

Check out all the goodies:

Check what AdSense ads would display on any URL.

Generate percentage area charts with your Google Analytics data.

View a WebGL-based 3D globe of visitors based on your Google Analytics data.

Encode or decode any text into base64 MIME type.

Search engine that allows you to search through website cookies.

Allows you to compress/minify CSS files.

Allows you to compare two versions of text to determine what the differences are.

A tool that allows you to quickly check DNS records for any domain/host.

Check the security of your DNS servers (check if your DNS zone files can be transferred).

Read EXIF meta data from any JPEG or TIFF image.

Allows you to geographically locate any IP address or hostname. Also shows your own IP address.

Where in the world are people that are visiting your site/blog?

Allows you to transcode almost any image format.

View HTTP response headers for any URL.

Simple to use web hit counter.

Allows you to compress/minify/obfuscate JavaScript code.

A simple tool that lets you quickly view the Google PageRank for any URL.

Simple way to add a nice search engine to your site.

Keyword position tool for Google and Bing. Can also track historical changes to PageRank, links and indexed pages.

Encode or decode any text into a URL-safe string.

Tool that lets you perform a whois query on any domain or IP address.

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  1. thanks for the information.

  2. Been using this for years but the quality of it has gotten worse

  3. digital point is not as good as rank checker

  4. Now that Google hides keywords that are used to get to your site, how do you measure what keywords are important?

  5. how valid is this in 2014?

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