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Digital Marketing Trends That Are Thriving This Year

Marketing has gone a long way over the years. In the olden days, marketing strategies include knocking on every door and introducing the company and the product being sold. This was accepted by some, but this strategy wouldn’t work these days anymore.

If you knock on someone’s door and offer them products, you may get a door slammed in your face. This harsh rejection will cause a great deal of frustration to the seller or promoter. Before, people would use the yellow pages, call people, and read a script to offer products and services.

Only a few people are kind enough to listen to these telemarketers to avoid being rude even if they are not interested. A big percentage of these people being called by telemarketers are not even the right people for the products they offer because they wouldn’t know what these people’s interests are. It’s like throwing punches to the air.

Thanks to modern technology and to the incredible minds of the people who develop programs that make marketing a ball, we are now in the age of digital marketing!

In this article, we will give you an idea of which digital marketing trends are thriving in 2018.

Be on Social Media

Who hasn’t heard of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Yes, they are the most popular social media platforms today. These are the channels where people meet or reunite on the Internet. A person can have thousands of digital friends in every social media account. Most of them are strangers or someone they just encountered online.

Social media is not only for people posting their selfies or OOTDs (outfits of the day). It is not only for communicating with friends through the free chat or video call features. If one person can have thousands of friends, imagine having thousands of people you can reach with your advertisements on social media. Most businesses target social media because of the population or the traffic. It also helps with targeting different types of people with different interests. You can tailor your marketing strategies to people who are interested in your niche. If the target market shares your ad on their profiles, all of their friends will also see that post. You know the influence of social media; if one has it, a lot of people will want it, too. This is something that is very beneficial for your business.

Use Videos

People are more engaged if there is an attention-grabbing video in an advertisement. A good ad is not all text anymore. Creating a slideshow of pictures is not as appealing. Put a well-edited and well-narrated video that shows how your product can give value to the viewer. A good content and well-designed video clip that can catch the attention of viewers in the first three seconds is essential. Keep your viewers engaged, and there’s a big possibility that they will check out the rest of your product lineup. They may click that “Add to Cart” button eventually.

Keep your customers engaged

Keeping your customers’ attention is essential in any startup business. Transparency is key in getting their trust and attention. Say, you are in the food business; showing your customers how the food is prepared will let them know that what they will be eating is clean and is made from quality ingredients. This will add value to your products.

Being a part of something that grows is exciting for many. If a person sees your business grow because of the quality and hard work you put into it, chances are they will also be proud of using or buying products to show support. Because you will be using social media, post ads every week about how your business is doing and how your products are being produced. Thanking your customers once in a while is a great way to show appreciation and to keep them hooked in your business. Remember, a happy customer is a loyal customer. You can hire professional marketers to help you set up IT solutions and comprehensive marketing services for your business.


Working with the right search engine optimization company is absolutely necessary for digital marketing. Having a great website is not always the answer to having a consistent flow of traffic or page visits. You will need to be on top of your game and be on top of the search results. People often use Google whenever they want to look for something. If people look for products within your niche using a search engine, for sure they will click on the results that are shown first. You should use the correct keywords and SEO strategy to be on the first page of these searches. Having the right people do the job is key if you are not familiar with search engine optimization. It is better to invest in the right strategies now than be sorry for being left behind.

Create a Website

When people see a product flash on the sidebar of a social media account that catches their attention, the first thing they will do is look for more information about that product or service. Where will they get that information from? Yes, you need to have a website where people can go to for more information about your product and business.

Don’t create a website just for the sake of it. Make it the heart and soul of your business. This is your digital home. It is where you welcome your visitors and customers. Make it inviting and accommodating. Just like your home, you want to make your visitors feel welcomed and comfortable. The same goes for your website. A website should have a Contact page; it should showcase your company history, vision and mission, company policy, a detailed description of your products, and most importantly call-to-action buttons. Highlight the register, sign up, add to cart, buy now, contact us, and the customer service buttons. A person would feel taken care of if everything he needs is all in one place. There are many website builders for you to choose from, so get your website going as soon as possible.

Having to start a business is hard and energy draining, but with the application of correct and professional strategies, a business will thrive and survive an era where startup businesses are getting eaten alive by the big guys in the industry. Don’t get stingy with investing on the right stuff. Invest in optimizing your website for a wider and bigger market reach that could mean a bigger conversion to sales. Let this article inspire you to move further.

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