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Getting Started With Direct Store Delivery

If your company has not yet benefited from adopting Direct Store Delivery, this article outlines ways to improve profitability. DSD is a commercial process that manufacturers and wholesalers use to sell and deliver products using a fleet of proprietary or leased vehicles. Choosing DSD as a business model should not be taken lightly.

There are investments that begin with the purchase of DSD software as well as a fleet of vehicles and the hiring of a team of external representatives of drivers/sellers, in addition to buying or subscribing to the software you will need to manage everything. But by going with DSD businesses you are able to get very intimate with your customers. You’ll get a better handle on what’s selling and why. You’ll spot customers trending away from you – and keep them from leaving you. It’s also a great way to understand your competition better.

direct store delivery
Stores love DSD because the distributor does all the work for them and because they never run out of product.

Retail Stores love DSD, especially large chains. What they love even more than DSD is Full-Service DSD. This is when the distributor offers stored products per store and account services. In other words, clean the shelves or screens, market the product, hang prices, screens and other point-of-sale material and then go to the next account. If the distributor does a good job, the retailer will always be fully equipped with the product at all times.

Who Uses DSD?

DSD is more common among certain food and beverage companies, especially those with the highest billing product. This includes bakeries, beer distributors, wines and spirits, food wholesalers, milk and dairy products, salty snacks, frozen pizza, ice cream, etc. However, when analyzing your client and prospect base, be aware that DSD is also common for distributors of oil and gas products, auto supply, electrical and industrial supply – or any other industry using their own trucks to deliver their own products.

What to Expect With Direct Store Delivery Software

Are you a retailer who wants to cut down on operating expenses? Then, you may just be one among the growing population of businessmen, warehouse owners, distributors, and retailers who have turned to direct store delivery software as a means to cut cost and maximize profit. In a nutshell, direct store delivery software refers to the digital version of delivering products and services from the supplier to the retailer. Because everything is digital, deliverables are managed on a smaller time frame and with increased accuracy.

Direct store delivery software is responsible for a huge chunk of sales growth in the grocery sector in recent years. It is a significant platform among grocery warehouse managers as this software enables the workforce to achieve better outputs. The growing sales performance through direct store delivery software can also be attributed to the improved organization of retail shelves space. Direct store delivery may be comprised of different areas. Generally, it should highlight in-store merchandising, in-store forecasting, shelf inventory management, promotion execution, and store orders.


Suppliers can highly benefit from direct store delivery software because it can double up transaction process without diminishing the workload. Compared to manual systems, digital direct store delivery offers accuracy and lessens the likelihood of human errors which are commonly experienced in more traditional systems. First, it creates a Route Accounting System which can track your deliverables. It covers the entire supply chain process-tracking the time the products were released from the supplier to its actual delivery with the retailer. It also aims at increasing the volume of sales across its target market. Direct store delivery software is responsible for covering inventory management, delivery, route planning, and order management. In case of emergency, the route accounting system can adjust its delivery time depending on the client’s requests. It also guarantees a quick response to concerned parties using its sophisticated system.

Mobile Pre-Sales and Delivery

Another important aspect of delivery software is Mobile Pre-Sales and Delivery. This system helps the business in discovering potential opportunities that can pave the way to higher sales volume. Specifically, it is responsible for pre-selling and marketing making sure that your product hits the right customers. Aside from that, store delivery software also contributes to upgrading Inventory Management. Those from the beverage industry, for example, highly benefit from the sophisticated features of Inventory Management. It enables them to meet the complex demands of the market without sacrificing the products’ quality. It can also give you access with your on-hand products in real time. It further allows you to locate balances until it reaches the appropriate bins.

In 2018, DSD software can integrate all your inventories for better data collection and information management. Lastly, tapping software for your retail distribution requirements affords you better Performance Management Solutions. This lets you organize all the data and information accumulated in the supply chain. Organizing your records allow you to relay pertinent information to authorized parties for analyses. It also enables you to convert necessary data into more user-friendly forms—such as graphs-so it can be understood and utilized for more proactive business decisions.


Direct store delivery software offers manufacturers an opportunity to take a more hands-on approach to shaping and sensing demand, reducing out-of-stocks, improving the customer experience, and accelerating time to market for new products. DSD Solutions can deliver results that benefit manufacturers and suppliers, dealers and customers alike.

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