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Discover the Latest in Photo Editing: Fotor 2024

Dubbed the “lite Photoshop” by the BBC, Fotor has captured the hearts of over 300 million users globally. Let’s explore the cutting-edge features of Fotor in 2024.

What is Fotor?

Fotor is an intuitive online photo editing and graphic design tool that combines ease of use with powerful capabilities. This free online platform caters to all your photo editing and design needs, from adding frames, text, filters, and stickers to creating photo collages, cards, and more.

Fotor also offers advanced HDR software, all accessible via a user-friendly interface. Available on both iOS and Android, as well as Windows and Mac, Fotor’s versatility makes it a go-to for amateur and professional photographers alike.


The popularity of Fotor stems from its comprehensive suite of features, both free and premium.

Advanced Photo Editing, Effects, and Retouching

Fotor’s online editing tools enable users to adjust size, color, brightness, and remove backgrounds. Its photo enhancer performs functions comparable to Photoshop, including advanced HDR editing. Exclusive filters, approved by millions worldwide, add a professional touch, while retouching tools offer stunning portrait makeovers with highlights and radiance.

Extensive Templates

Fotor boasts a vast library of professionally designed templates for various platforms. Whether creating social media graphics, marketing materials, or personal projects, Fotor makes it easy to produce polished designs.

Additional Features

Fotor offers image shaping, a variety of stickers, fonts, frames, clip art, and banner-making options, providing users with a robust toolkit for all their design needs.

Technical and Device Support

  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Web-based
  • Deployment: Cloud-Hosted
  • Pricing Model: Monthly deposit, Yearly subscription, Quote-based
  • Training: Documentation available

Pricing Overview

Fotor’s basic version is free, while Fotor Pro starts at $8.99 per month or $39.99 annually. The premium version eliminates ads, offers exclusive filters and effects, and includes advanced HDR technology. Ideal for basic editing, the free version supports cropping, resizing, and simple retouching. The Pro version, however, provides an extensive array of templates, frequent updates, and enhanced features, making it popular across social media and other platforms.

Fotor Review: Pros

  • User-friendly interface for learning basic editing without complexity.
  • Easy access to saved work and favorite photos.
  • Supports various formats (JPG, PNG, PDF) and sharing across social media.
  • Excellent color correction on mobile, comparable to computer performance.

Fotor Review: Cons

  • Takes significant space on PCs, potentially slowing down the computer.
  • Fonts and overlay texts may not meet all users’ expectations.

User Satisfaction

Fotor is praised for its comprehensive, user-friendly tools that cater to diverse needs without requiring intensive learning. Its affordability and robust feature set make it a standout in the market. Fotor maintains a high user satisfaction rating, with a 4.6 out of 5 on the Play Store and similarly high ratings on other platforms.

New Resource

Check out PxBee, a new stock photo site powered by Fotor, offering a vast array of images for all your design needs.

Stay ahead in your creative journey with Fotor’s state-of-the-art features and user-friendly design, making photo editing and graphic design accessible to everyone in 2024.

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