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Do AR Apps Really Make the World a Better Place?

Augmented reality – or, AR – has become commonplace lately. It stands between the workings of a standard app and a full virtual reality one. It takes the world around you and inserts computer-generated objects into it. This differs from VR because it doesn’t put you in a different world but simply adds to the one you’re already in.

The question is whether this technology is good, bad, or neutral. In reality, AR offers a lot of benefits to the world around it. It can provide entertainment or even contribute to the professional world.

With that question answered, it’s worth analyzing not only what AR can do but what the value apps like these carry as well. When an iOS or Android app development company creates an AR app, what can consumers get out of it?

Blending Entertainment and Exercise

The average American spends over 5 hours on their phone each day. This has led to a pretty sedentary lifestyle for many. This time constantly sitting and staring at a screen can be greatly amplified if someone works at a job where they sit at a computer most of the day.

In recent years, we’ve seen AR apps try to blend the electronic entertainment they seek with physical exercise. This is done by creating an app that encourages the user to go outside and search for things that the app places in the environment. While this doesn’t quite get users away from a screen, it does get them moving.

Improving the Retail Experience

Retail is an industry that’s leaning heavily into AR. The best examples are AR dressing rooms and mirrors.

Everyone knows the struggle of hauling armfuls of clothes to an in-store changing room to see if they like them or not. Businesses are starting to cut down on this hassle by using AR technology to allow consumers to digitally try clothes on.

This not only improves customer experience but it cuts down on the time retail workers spend putting back unwanted clothes and much more.

Standing Out from Competition

AR, while incredibly useful, isn’t exactly widely used at this point. For businesses, this is actually an advantage.

Most consumers see businesses jump on the “next big thing” and appreciate it. It also gets them talking about the interesting thing that the company does. This word of mouth can go far for brand recognition. However, it’s important that this AR app does something helpful beyond just offering novelty. That’s what will get customers to keep using the app.

Bettering Education

AR holds a lot of the same values for education as VR does. It can give a teacher or professor the chance to show their students something that is otherwise unavailable to them. For instance, if a teacher wants to show the class a historical item, it can be done through AR.

In higher education, especially in medicine and engineering, students can learn without necessarily working directly with the material they’re learning. A med student could learn how to perform surgical tasks without working directly with a patient.

Translating In Travel

When traveling internationally, the biggest problem is usually a language barrier. AR apps help this problem along by translating what you see. Apps like these usually work by analyzing the content with your camera and outputting the results in your preferred language.

This can be particularly useful when you’re trying to navigate through a city where you don’t understand the street signs. It can also go a long way in translating restaurant menus or books in a foreign language.

Chances for Personalization

There’s nothing that app users love more than to feel like they have a custom experience. AR gives the chance for a unique experience personalized to the user and it can really help a business or developer stand out from the crowd. This comes back to the word-of-mouth concept. The happier users are with an app, the more likely they are to recommend it to friends.

AR has a lot of potential and it seems to show promise in almost every field. The odds that it will soon be a staple of daily life are incredibly high and it does have the chance to make the world a better place.

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