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Do Viral Articles Fit In With SEO?

What makes a viral article so popular? What does it have that other articles don’t?

Believe it or not, a viral article isn’t made up of components or information that’s unheard of. In fact, most viral articles are based on common topics or cover something trendy. But what makes them so popular is the way they have been structured and how they have been able to reach so many audiences in such a short span of time!

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of using certain tactics to increase a brand’s searchability. Many professional article writers are aware of the importance of SEO.

It makes content readable, easy to scan and compels readers to share it forward. An article that incorporates SEO also ranks better and higher than those that don’t incorporate these strategies – after all, SEO is a serious business that entrepreneurs are heavily investing in.

How Do Viral Articles Gain Popularity?

Viral articles use SEO tactics to gain popularity. The content is structured in a manner that it crops up on search engine page results as an authoritative source because of how well it is structured. In other words, a viral article is curated very carefully and tactfully.

If you’ve been following a viral article, you might find many of the following SEO tactics within the prose that show how viral articles really fit in with SEO!

The Article Uses Targeted Keywords

You’ll notice that viral articles contain certain phrases and words that are very popularly searched for on the internet – these are called targeted keywords and are one of SEO’s best kept secrets to creating content that sells.

By using targeted keywords, you’re able to make your content stand out. They will help your article rank better too because of how specific the keywords are and because of this, your article’s SERP rankings will rise, making it look like a viral and very popular one.

The Article Contains Quality Content

An article becomes viral because of its content. You’ll notice that a viral article uses great writing expertise to discuss even a meager topic, making it sound like something very valuable and important. Creating quality content is also an SEO strategy.

Quality content is always well received. Writing that’s pleasing to read and contains information with a good flow is always a great read and most of the time, this compels readers to share the content forward, making it “go viral”.

The Article Has Excellent Readability

Articles aren’t like a conversation. The only way to animate your prose is to use certain formatting styles to add excitement and suspense. A viral article uses clever formatting to keep the reader interested and has a structured layout, making it easy to understand.

SEO strategies involve using components like hyperlinks, headings, subheadings, bullets and other ways of breaking down the facts. This allows the reader to scan quickly through the material, making it easy to read. This is exactly why it goes viral – everyone can read and understand it in a jiffy!

The Article Uses High-Quality Media

Viral articles contain whacky pictures, GIFs and video clips – and they’re all high quality, intelligent and well researched. This is also an SEO tactic— to use high-quality media to embellish your content to appeal to the visual learner side of your audience.

The better and wittier your media is, the more enjoyable the article is, which definitely increases its chances of becoming viral. After all, who wouldn’t want to share an article that has great information, humor, and some hilarious GIFs to supplement it?

The Article Empowers the Reader

Various digital marketing researchers have noticed that consumers like content that empowers them. This means content that contains original, verified and real information makes the consumer feel like they’re learning something new, which is why they share it forward.

Article writing services invest a great deal in creating empowering content, which gives readers quality information and introduces novel ideas. They incorporate this SEO strategy to help brands develop a good rapport and trust with their clients, which results in their popularity.

The Article Is Optimized For Mobile Viewing

Majority internet users do most of their recreational reading on mobile devices, and businesses have begun to take notice. That’s why mobile optimization is becoming a big deal and content is being optimized to load fully and clearly across different screen sizes.

A viral article will have this brilliant aspect to it. You’ll be able to see the text, clips and pictures perfectly on your phone screen and on your laptop, too. This mobile optimization adds to its shareability and definitely makes a popular choice amongst search results that aren’t optimized for mobile viewing.

The Article Is Professionally Written

Many viral articles are actually written by professional writers. The reason why those articles go viral is pretty obvious – a professional with training on digital marketing, SEO and SERP is curating content. Such an individual knows just how to top the SERP results and make the piece a viral one.

In fact, many businesses and organizations hire professional article writing services to create content they intend to make viral. By investing in professional writing, they’re not just making their content go viral, but they’re also increasing conversion rates, getting new traffic and also improving other metrics!

So next time you’re reading a viral article, look for these SEO tactics that are the guiding principle behind creating content that sells and is extremely popular! After all, look at Buzzfeed and how it rose to fame so quickly with the help of SEO tactics!

Author Bio: Dave is an experienced article writer who handles corporate and business branding. During her years as a writer, she has been able to use SEO tactics to help brands direct traffic towards their websites and also increase visibility. In her free time, she catches up on missed Law and Order: SVU episodes.

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