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Drive Better Visibility into MongoDB Features

In the era of digital environment, everyone is keen to adapt to the ever-growing environment.

With the digital economy in rage, NoSQL databases readily gained popularity within the enterprises that seek database to fit in their data requirements. MongoDB is one such NoSQL database that ensured quick popularity due to its connectivity, responsiveness, and scalability. Below-mentioned are the brilliant attributes offered by MongoDB.

Data everywhere

MongoDB Zones explicitly control data placement over distributed database cluster. It provides most sophisticated data partitioning policies for managing data locality, administering tiered storage, and safeguarding continuous service availability over wide data centers.

Run MongoDB Anywhere

MongoDB 3.4 extends its platform support ranging– from ARM processors to commodity x86 CPUs, and everything till IBM Power and zSeries platforms.

Elastic Scalability

MongoDB 3.4 ensures quick auto-balance of data over nodes. Replica set synchronization is made effective, and throughout intra-cluster network compression efficiently responds to the demands of dynamic applications.

Innovation Across Mission-Critical Apps

With MongoDB 3.4, it is easy to utilize the recent database technology advancements and drive innovation over mission-critical applications.

Modernized Tooling

MongoDB is featured with extensive tools for data modeling and management. It has brought the effective enhancements to these tools, making recent apps ship quickly with minimal cost, and gain deeper insight and control over entire IT. This modern tooling preserves current investments in skills and infrastructure standards.

MongoDB Compass

MongoDB Compass now avails the ability to generate data validation rules, optimize query performance and modify documents, all just from an easy and inbuilt GUI.

MongoDB Management Pack

The MongoDB Management Pack is a solution for VMware vRealize Operations that monitors databases to dive deeper insight into workload related key metrics like connections, indexes, and page faults. This management pack focuses on providing insight into specific areas of mongod and mongos instances which require most visibility to signify troubleshooting.

MongoDB Operational Management

The new MongoDB Ops Manager enables teams to ship apps quickly with the support for Cloud Foundry and server pools. Ops Manager attributes wider resolution telemetry that efficiently governs clusters health.

Multi-language Collations

MongoDB 3.4 says goodbye for the need of external search engines with the introduction of collations spreading over 100+ languages and dialects.

Multi Model Done Right

Modern, data-driven applications urge extra from their databases. Via its vivid data model, and expressive query language, MongoDB assist multiple data management within an integrated, simple database framework.

Trend of Databases

MongoDB 3.4 maintains the trend of databases by supporting variant conceptual data models atop the underlying data store. The concept of multimodel delivers a single database to store data simultaneously. The user is benefited with a simplified infrastructure which can manage more than three individual data stores to fulfill various use cases.

To learn more about the MongoDB Management, register through a free demo, by visiting the Mongodb Training on Tekslate website.

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