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Sunday , 28 May 2017
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How to Choose and Buy Perfect Earbuds for Classical Music

Classical music is perhaps one of the most complex music styles. You need specific best buy earbuds that enable you to enjoy listening to it fully.

To help you find out how to find the best buy earbuds among the hundreds of brands available in the market today, here is a list of features you need to look for. Familiarize these so you can pick the one that suits your listening preferences.

Earbuds Features to Look For

Do your favorite classical music justice by using only the best earbuds when you listen to it.

You will hear the melody of the music more beautifully if you are using earbuds that have an accurate soundstage, provides sound neutrality, and is comfortable to use. Read the details of these top features to understand better.

Accurate Soundstage

A wide soundstage is required to get a realistic feel of the classical music you are listening to. It enables you to immerse into the music that seemingly gives you an illusion that you are in a concert hall, listening to the beautiful music live.

Get earbuds that give you this kind of experience. For the untrained ears, it may not be easy to distinguish the soundstage capacity of one headphone to another. The trick is to try if the earbuds create a “spacious” feel while listening to the music.

Neutral Sound

Classical music is known to have different variations of sound with a lot of abrupt changes in the main tone. So you need an earphone that has a flat frequency response to create a neutral sound. Also, it should be able to create a fast transient response for a better listening pleasure.

The earbuds to choose do not have to be expensive but ensure that it has this feature. This will give you the musical quality you will enjoy.


Best of all, ensure that the earbuds are comfortable. You do not want earbuds that sting your ears or do not stay in place when put on. Earbuds, regardless of the price, need to be comfortable so listening for long periods of time will not be a problem.

Classical songs are long playing so make sure the earbuds stay in place, do not hurt the ears, and at the same time, has good sound quality.

So those are the top three features you should consider before buying earbuds. Now, let’s head on to the best buy earbuds, which fit your budget and increase the value of your purchase.

4 Best Buy Earbuds

Here are 4 of the best buy earbuds available both online and in physical stores. Make sure to go over their reviews. I have specified the available features for each to make your life easier.

Symphonized XTC 2.0

This best seller is made of genuine wood, so it creates a deep bass response and exceptional sound resonance. It is also extremely comfortable and easy to carry with a pouch. What I like best about these earbuds is the way it isolates sound.

Even at a noisy environment, you will still enjoy the classical music you are listening to because it eliminates the surrounding noise. The only drawback is that it is more expensive than other brands of the same class. You will find other brands that have the same features but comes with just a fraction of the price.

1MORE Piston

These earbuds are iOS compatible and are perfect for iPad/iPod users. Whether you are at home or on the road, you can use these earphones to listen to any music, including classical music.

It has the recommended sound frequency which is flat, so it creates neutrality of sound. I love how the instruments shine and highlighted, especially when the tune switches from one harmony to another.

Panasonic RP-HJE120-PPK

This is another best selling earphones known for its wide frequency response, so it is versatile. Meaning, it works with different genres. It is crazy affordable and has good sound quality. However, it may not be as durable as other brands. Some reviewers claim that its cord is too thin and would fall apart easily after repeated use.

It works with many devices as well and is extremely comfortable because of its ergonomic fit. Other than that, it is capable of blocking unwanted external noises that interfere in your listening experience.

UiiSii T8

These earphones have strong bass frequencies and premium noise reduction properties. It also has a built-in tuning mechanism that allows you to switch from natural and clear sound to distorted, high-frequency sound. Hence, it is perfect for listening to all kinds of genre.

These earbuds also have an ergonomic design, so it promises comfort.

The in-ear earbuds also fit perfectly well to the ears, so they will not fall off while listening. Even as you move around and get overwhelmed with the music, it will stay in place. You will have these earbuds at a fair price.

The Decision

Among these best buy earbuds, I would recommend the Symphonized XTC 2.0. It can be expensive, but it has all the necessary features you will need to have the best listening experience.

If you are into classical music, this set of earbuds will certainly bring out the beauty of your music.

These best buy earbuds provide neutral sound, accurate soundstage, and comfort all in one. Plus, it increases the value of your purchase.

Do you think this buying guide is useful? Make your suggestions down below for brands I may have missed out.

Any other comments or pointers? Please leave in the comments section below:



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