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Easy to implement SEO strategies that every small business owner should adopt

SEO is constantly evolving and to implement it correctly marketers must stay tuned to the best practices. The fluidity of SEO is often quite challenging but to overcome it you must have a proper understanding of the subject that helps in developing the right strategies.

From website design to the techniques of optimization, everything is changing very fast as SEO follows in the footsteps of Google that keeps updating algorithms almost every day.

It is essential to know how you can use SEO for your business by understanding the various ways of implementing it by properly using its various features. Although the SEO techniques depend on the business objectives overall many things in common are relevant to any type of business.

Strong backlink inventory is a must

Websites must be attractive to the audience as well as search engines, and the common thread that helps to achieve both in a single stroke are links or backlinks. To build a strong web presence, you need the support of a solid inventory of backlinks that are central to any SEO campaign. Backlinks are like the building blocks that create the superstructure of SEO. Acquiring backlinks organically is the rule set by Google which means that your website must have qualities that encourage others to connect with it and build relationships.

Content helps to generate interest in websites and contribute to its quality which is why when you generate high-quality content that others find interesting and useful, they would acknowledge your authority and share links to stay in touch. Thus you gather links that become valuable assets to display to search engines so that it also recognizes the worth of your website and rewards it accordingly by improving search rankings.

Avoid spammy backlinks

Earning backlinks is quite a rewarding experience, but you must be careful to select the right links before including it in your inventory. The quality of links must be good because inferior quality links especially spammy links can result in Google slapping some penalty to your website. Even if you are practicing white hat SEO, some inferior links can sneak into your inventory even unknowingly and damage SEO prospects. Reviewing the link inventory periodically is the only way to identify unwanted links and remove it.

You can do it by going to the Google Console then moving through the Search Traffic and the Menu List under it so that you can download the Latest Links Report.  If you find too many spammy backlinks, arrange to generate a list of links that you must get rid of by entrusting a professional company like Atomic Design SEO the job of creating a disavow file after conducting a link audit. However, you must do it very fast because the sooner you do it faster you will move up in search ranking.

Content must be unique, relevant and useful

Users are keen to gather information from the web that provides solutions to problems or answers to queries that come to their minds. You must remember this when creating content because it makes easy to win over the audience as they are happy when you provide relevant and useful information they are seeking. The quality of information must make the audience happy because they want to know something unique that is valuable to them and not something that they already know. The information must be authentic, based on facts and backed by good research that automatically makes it unique.  Be careful to avoid creating duplicate content that can attract Google penalty because it amounts to manipulation and cheating by acting smart with search engines. Monitor the content on every page, and if some pages fail to attract adequate traffic, you can remove the content and consolidate it with some other content on another page that improves ranking prospects.

Local SEO for small businesses

SEO for small businesses is like SEO that we all know, but its specialty is that it emphasizes factors that can drive traffic to local businesses. Local SEO revolves around listing the business in directories that encourage local business with a focus on the name, address and phone number (NAP). Listing on Google My Business with all details of business including hours of business is an easy way to attract the audience and encourage them to reach your place quickly. Listing on multiple directories enhance the prospects of business but be sure that the data related to photo, contact details and address appears consistently across the web.

To help the audience know about your business the moment they come on the website, make sure that the title tags on the home page have clear hints about the business. Choose the high performing products or services and use it in title tags. To capture the local audience, including the city name in the title is a good idea.

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